Hey Love Noter,

Well, I do experience The A’s as being poetic sometimes and I was still surprised by the start of this weeks message.

Something about the way that they say, “As we gather at the time of waiting” really moved me. It’s not logical, but it speaks to something deep within me, like a remembering of something that my mind isn’t capable of grasping, but my body is.

I’ve been feeling an impulse to work with stone circles again, there’s one calling me at the moment. So perhaps that’s a mutual influence between spirit and myself.

But the start of this weeks message speaks to something eternal within me, something nameless that feels so nourishing and liberating. I’d love to hear what it evokes within you if anything. 

And as they speak to feeling the hurt, tiny step by tiny step, it reminds me of practices in somatic healing called Tritation and Pendulation, really good for us sensitives and those of us who have experienced trauma. It goes beyond the scope of this blog post to explain those processes in detail but it is something I’m diving into on an upcoming podcast.

So, for now, here’s The Ancients. 

“As we gather at the time of waiting, near the water’s edge of remembering we call to those of you in darkness right now to remember your guiding light, your Soul.

You are never alone, always we are with you, and with we, we mean Source

we will meet you in the wilderness, in the wild and untamed land of your inner and outer world.

Turn your face to Source, turn you face to the light that wishes to hold you

Look for the Love, in your inner and outer world, this week look for the love.

Where is the love today?

For yourself?  For those you care about?

Worry is not the same as Love, though you may convince yourself that it is. Love is far more tender than worry, Love can break you open to the hurt that lays beneath the worry as you tend to your loved ones, tend to your wounds,

Let that hurt be okay, balm the hurt with tender acceptance, welcome it step, by tiny, tiny step so as not to overwhelm yourself

Your Soul can never be wounded, let yourself be bathed in its radiant light

For one sweet, sweet moment today, Take a tiny step towards healings your hurt,

Bow your head to your own heart, recognise your hurt as sacred, as exquisite.

Hurt let’s you know your capacity for Love

Can you love your hurt today? Can you welcome it just a little today.?

Aknowledge it, let it know that you see it.

Witnessing may illuminate some beliefs you have been holding that you may choose to release

and it may not. Either is okay. Is valid.

You may choose to keep, release or transform the beliefs

or you may choose to use them as information for something you wish to create in your life.

All is well.

Hurt, quite often underlies worry, 

Attend to the hurt and the worry may abate,
attend to the hurt and the beliefs may reveal themselves
attend to the hurt and always there is a deepening of embodiment.

All is well

In Love and peace

The Ancients
Channeled by Cara Wilde

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