Hey Love Noters,

Today’s Love Note is different. It’s LONG.

Yesterday I had an incredibly strong urge to verbally channel the message and I’m flippin’ glad I did!!

For me, this message is multilayered (as usual!) rich and profound.

The Ancients talk of:

  • The opportunity for a new paradigm of growth (and how to recognise when its happening to you)
  • How stability and Joy work together
  • The place of our greatest manifestations
  • Facebook, the Luna Eclipse and your reality.

They also give us a short process for charging and nourishing our energy field when we feel despair, overwhelm or off-centre.
(its included in the long audio and also I’ve created a shorter clip with just the process on)

LIsten here for the full channeled message (approx 20mins) 

Here’s the short audio of the process only (approx 3.5mins)

I’d love to know what your thoughts are about this channeled message. If it feels good to you, post your comments below 😀

Quick reminder. I’ll no longer be offering single sessions with The Ancients after 2nd Feb. All work with them post that date will be via my mentorship and group offerings. No pressure or fear purchases, but if you feel that you’d like a single session while you can, then book here. 

Here’s the transcript of the full audio:


It is a pleasure to be here. It is our intention today to share with you that this is a time of monumental change both personally and globally. You have been feeling the squeeze of crumbling systems, of the insistence of change as new thoughts and ideas gather momentum in your physical reality. –  Where polarity of thoughts begins to create more tension in your reality.

So what do we mean by the polarity of thoughts, extreme of thoughts?

You notice within you, you have those extremes. Somedays you are the wickedest worst person in the world, yes? Other days you are wonderful and amazing. The polarity of those thoughts demonstrates the desire and the birthing of something anew.  Old paradigms both personally and globally are demonstrating that it is their time to disintegrate, to be transcended by becoming quite polarised.

Beliefs are changing, shifts are occurring. Something new is wanting to be birthed within. The way to identify this is by the more bipolar experiences. Feeling wonderful and then terrible – quite quickly. Quite spontaneously. You can identify the thought quite quickly if you are aware enough, that has created the shift between fear and love, between dispair and joy.

But when you can go from feeling despair, then relief, then joy quite quickly in a matter of moments, and FEEL that you are on a new equilibrium in your Joy – you don’t feel chaotic or frantic, you are able to stay in your body. When you experience moments of that, with that quality…from despair to relief then to a stabilising Joy, a centeredness within your heart space. Then you’ll know you are on the brink of a new paradigm within.

And we would suggest that the way to anchor in this new foundation of Joy is easier than you would think. You know, when you look around your globe, there are terrible injustices, there is pain and there is distress. And if you feel called, from the voice of Love – feel moved to help, to help those that are in despair, then follow your heart.

But don’t give up on your world just yet, don’t give up on yourself just yet. There is a new way, a new wave coming. Not where you are a helpless victim waiting for your saviour in the form of angels or Source. You’re far more capable than that.

But when you decide for yourself. You know, you deserve something more. You are willing to take charge and direction of those thoughts and feelings that arise within you. And with a compassionate eye, do the inner work. Do the inner work. And resolve within that this is a time when your life will change

And this is a time when you can begin to invite a new paradigm. You’re new inner construct. How you are going to navigate the world, what are going to decide to believe yourself?

That is the start to spiritual adulthood.

What are you going to decide to believe yourself?

Rather than being bombarded by other thoughts that are floating around in the ether, some of them aeons old but still with plenty of momentum.

And this is not [the same] as pretending that everything is alright (gentle laughter)

It’s not denial, its deciding

What are you going to believe about yourself?

What do you want to believe about you in relation to the world?

What do you want to decide about your relationship to others? Not from a desire to control others, let them have their free will.

But if you decide what how your relationships are going to be. How you are going to navigate those relations. If you get really clear with what that means for you. You know, you’re going to decide that you are in relationships that are supportive and then if you find that you are in a relationship that isn’t supportive, then you’re going to get curious.

“Alright so, I have decided that I believe that I am in a relationship with supportive people.

I don’t feel supported in this relationship. I don’t feel supported. So what’s going on here? What can I become curious about? Is there something about myself that I can become curious about again.?Is there something about myself I need to learn, here again, or is this relationship part of my old paradigm and not here to stay?”

If not you then who?

If the person in front of you doesn’t represent that which you want to be in relationship with, because it doesn’t support you and you don’t feel like it is you that needs to change, then let the belief” I am in relationship with supportive people” be the thought that allows you to change direction and find your support elsewhere. Thats just one small example.

You are in the momentum of the opportunity of great change personally and globally. And today, you hear the idea of your Luna Eclipse creating huge contrast, releasing huge fears. And you know you may experience some of that and you don’t have to. But if you do, then you do and you have decided that you will for a very good reason. But if you don’t, then don’t go looking for it.

Just because it says on facebook you know. “Hmmm I’m supposed to feel uncomfortable today but I feel alright. Am I not in tune with the cosmos?” No. You’re in charge of your own reality.

There is an opportunity here for you to live in more harmony with your own sense of integrity, values, desires, dreams wishes. You can open your heart and fly into a reality that suits you.

Begin there.

That suits you, that works for you

That’s what’s available for a lot of you, next

You know, when you think of living a life of joy, it doesn’t mean blissful moments all of the time though it can. But you really wouldn’t want that right that right now in the stage of developemnt that you are.

But you can have more ease, you can have more ease. You can create a new foundation for yourself, one that is heartfelt, one that feels more stable under your feet. More stability.

You know there is joy instability

It can’ feel like a boring word in your physical reality with the message of “buy now, do this, look great!” You know? “Leap off this tall building!” and “wear your underpants on the outside!”

But there is great Joy in stability, in predictability.

There is Joy is stability because there is ease there.

And then from that place of stability, you can bring in the impulses. The more impulsivity

If you have stability and then focus on your desires and dreams and look for the Joys, your impulses will be of a loving nature they will move you towards Joyful destinations that have longevity. Rather than the impulses away from fear which are more like compulsions and addictions. They feel like blips of Joy in the moment but that’s not true Joy, it’s avoidance.

Wonderful opportunity for you today and in the following days.

There is a new growth pattern in your physical reality.

The key to success in living in your harmony.

In your own harmony, so much to say about this but living in harminy with your authenticity, with your true deep self – is to work with the heart field.

Listen to the heart field. Create from the heart Everything from the heart.

Everything should begin with the heart field. Learn to listen to your heart.

Learn to listen to your heart. Place a hand on your heart. (deep sigh)

Let your breath do what it needs to do
Let your breath do what it needs to do
Let your breath do what it needs to do

Call into your heart space, your deep self.

Your own inner wisdom and knowing
Don’t try to hear it yet

Just set the intention to connect with that deep instinctive wise loving knowing of self with the heart field.

And then think of something beautiful to you, you might loook around for a flower, a familiar memory. A pet or a warm hug
(deep sigh)

And call on Source to be with you, or the angels to envelop you, call on us and maybe just extend your awareness outside of your body….

You are supported, you are loved whatever is going on we promise you more ease can be accessed, whatever is going on your are accepted and you are loved

And let this feeling state nourish your energy system


Breath in and out through your heart for a moment and let yourself be held by the heart field.

All is well. All is well.

And it is from this place, where your greatest manifestations can occur and we mean greatest because they will be so meaningful to you. So purposeful to you

Enriching, satisfying and nourishing

Not the glamour of the negative ego, tells you that you have to better than everyone else in order to be worthy

But a rich, sustaining, wonderful glorious purposeful meaningful rich life.

Sustainable. Sustainable

When you manifest through the heart field you tap into a natural rhythm of the universe

The natural yes of Love

And that we would say, the portal to that has always been avaialb.e to you but today, is significant in your ability to navigate your life with a more open heart.

You may feel more releases today, letting go, letting be and let in Love

And for now, in love and peace, we bid you farewell.

The Ancients

Channeled by Cara Wilde


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