Before you follow the A’s guidance today, I invite you to set the intention to open your heart and allow yourself to connect with the universal life force energy that adores you and wants you to live in joyful celebration!

“A quick heart-centred way to activate more of your life force energy is to dance!

Life is for living fully in the moment, now as much as you possibly can

Open your heart to music, whatever you feel guided too

Let your body flow with the movement in whatever rhythmic/staccato or flow way it wants to

And observe

What does your life force energy need to express today via your body

What moves soothe you?

What moves energise you?

Do you want to be calmed, soothed and held today?

Or do you want to be energised, lifted – to soar today?

Open your heart, let whatever small piece love and joy can touch you, find you today

And maybe music could be your way to more joy today?

Just a hip move is enough 😉 

The Ancients

Channeled by Cara Wilde

From Cara

So, my body wanted Inxs Suicidal Blonde today – will PLENTY of hip movement.

I’d love to hear what you were inspired to move too in the comments below and maybe we could share videos? 😉

In Love

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