“Here in this moment, stand still. Literally, stop everything and drop into your heart.

Close your eyes if that feels right to you,
Go inside
Go to your heart

Call Source to be with you

and let us in. Allow us to be with you at this moment. To support you in a very real and visceral way.

It is so tempting, so rational to look to change your circumstances by behaviour or external events. And whilst there is validity to that, it is never the first step.

Always the first step is to turn inwards, towards the quality that you are seeking. 

Today, allow our Love to touch you, the Love of Source.

As you rest in the centre of your heart, as much as possible – Love what you find.

Welcome whatever state or emotion is there. Like a child being drawn into the arms of a loving parent, allow that emotion to be held in Love.

That is the first step.

You may cry with the release.

Allow, allow, always allowing.

it is our truth to know you in Love. To hold you in Love

For we know that your truth is always Love. You are Love and you are Loved.

Step into that Love which is available for you now.

as much as you can imagine opening your heart to us, opening up to Love.

Gently, perhaps tentatively. In whatever way works for you.

Imagine beings of light, of Love surrounding your heart in the inner realms – for that is the true state.

Outer reality is a very real illusion.

Let us in a lean into our Love and support.

Keep dropping into your heart more and more, just as much as you can is more than enough.

It only takes a moment, Love only needs the smallest of gaps to flow in.

Let us in. Let us in.

You are Love and you are Loved. 


In Love and peace

The Ancients

Channelled by Cara Wilde.

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