Hey Lovenoter,


“Sometimes its difficult to know whether things feel hard because you are on the wrong path and you need to make a dramatic change, or if it’s merely a blip and you need to keep going.

Sometimes your growth occurs in environments that seem inhospitable. For a path of more ease, when the emotions become intense and life feels overwhelming; pause, take time to feel what you can of your emotions at that moment. Enough for you to feel the relief a little, a little more ease, a little less tension.

Then tune back into your original intention and original goal and keep going. Your growth and expansion can occur even when conditions don’t seem optimal. As you keep going and an easier path may emerge.

If you are struggling to know if you are on the right path today, and you are reading this message, then the message for you is


Feel what you can
And a new path will more easily show up, a path of more ease.

This could be a new opportunity, a new thought or idea, inspiration or a request received.

As long as you keep pausing, honour your feelings, check in with your original desire and intention, then go again.

Life has a way of unfolding FOR YOU when you trust in yourself and your choices.” 

In Love

The Ancients.
Channeled by Cara Wilde

Love from the road

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