It’s Monday, its Lovenote day.

Here’s the Ancients…..

“What is your hearts longing for itself?

Think of this in terms of a quality, what quality do you yearn to feel this week?

Is it excitement, peace, clarity, safety, security, joy, sincerity, connection, compassion. something else?

What do you wish to reach out into physical reality to pull towards you? You can connect to the energy of the quality that you want to experience. This is an aspect of the manifestation process.

You are told that everything you desire is already within you and this is true. But sometimes you feel empty of the quality that you desire and so imagining that you already have access to it can seem out of reach.

You are immersed in a field on unconditional love where everything you need is available for you. It is simply perhaps hidden from your view right now because of the lens that you are viewing life through.

So, let’s make this easier on you shall we?

You are immersed in a vibrational field of Love. Love, Source energy, is always with you, it doesn’t’ need to find it’s way to you, it’s already there. But you may need to lean into the awareness of that, the experience of that.

Call the energy of the quality you desire to you, imagine that you are breathing it in with the whole of your being.

Imagine that you are in a soup of the quality that you desire, and it’s starting to permeate in through the pores of your skin. Imagine that this quality is such a part of you that you actually have to actively push it away in order to not feel it.

Therefore, you are never without this quality that you seek, but you can be without the awareness of it because your focus is on the reality you have created in which the absence of the quality is apparent.

Pause in the awareness of that which has already been created so that you can instead reveal to yourself what is already there for you.

Stop looking without yourself, instead look within. Seek to connect with the quality you desire, know it is there for you, welcome it to you and see what unfolds for you in that moment of connection.

And then allow yourself to do this periodically throughout your day and week. As you feel inclined to or as you notice the lack of this quality. Become curious about your relationship with this quality to the depth that feels right for you

You are so supported, and so loved.

In love and peace”

The Ancients.

Cara: I tried this with the quality of security. I closed my eyes and imagined reaching into myself, the vastness of who I truly am, and allowed a sense of security to fill me. I imagined the quality coming from the field of unconditional love, from Source. As though it was given to me.

As I absorbed more of that energy I noticed that my spine relaxed, my breathing changed, I felt more open. My guess is that my parasympathetic nervous system kicked in 😉 And after a while, I felt like breathing this quality out into my physical reality. I imagined animating my physical reality with this quality.

I’m not attached, I’m going to get on with the rest of my day, holding a light curiosity about what might play out in physical reality.

I’ll keep doing this throughout the day and week and will check back in with you on Friday.

If you feel led, leave a comment below

In Love

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