Hey Love Noter,

I invite you to read this one slowly. If you resist the idea of competition but still want to feel significant, this could be the answer you have been looking for. 

Here’s The Ancients. 

“The fruition of your dream, can be the dream of another.

The realisation of the dream of another, can be the source of your own desire.

Every dream is part of the collection solution.

Every dream is part of the solution that the collective is calling for and so,

Every individual is significant in the eyes of Source.

You are individuals, yes but you are also part of a collective whole of other loving beings of Joy who are eager and keen to create a more loving future.

There is no seperation, none. And there is not even a need to know what the collective vision is.

Always trust an impulse of Love. Trust the unfolding of love.

And then it becomes imperative to follow the loving impulses on a day to day basis, because you never know who you might be able to help and support, to serve the collective vision of that which you desire as a whole.

And in turn, you can learn how to truly receive from others. From Source.

Truly there is no seperation, no competition, no lack of significance.

In the eyes and mechanics of Source, you are all deeply significant in every single moment.

In Love and peace 

The Ancients 
Channeled by Cara Wilde


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In Love


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