Hey Love Noters,

Here’s this weeks message from The Ancients.

We’ve said it before; Your highest good is the highest good for all, your greatest heartfelt Joy is for the highest good of all.

We wanted to remind you of that today.

And, something that’s not always understood about authentic Joy.

“Authentic Joy brings with it, a huge amount of life force energy.

And so there is a great amount of momentum

And when that momentum first starts to build it can be a little unsettling, a little chaotic, like turbulence.

and it doesn’t always feel like the path of least resistance.  It doesn’t always feel like ease in the moment

And here’s what we really want you to consider this week.


The Path of Avoidance can feel like the path of least resistance but the two are very different.


One will lead you to a continuation of old habits, old conditioning and the other will lead you to more authentic joy and achieving the goals you desire for yourself.

But here’s the trickiness of it all, they can both feel as though they are leading towards joy.

Like addictions; in the moment moving towards the drug of choice, be that alcohol, food, cocaine or Netflix for 3 hours, could feel like the path of least resistance and the route to joy

and we would suggest that it is more likely to be the path of avoidance.

The avoidance of wellbeing can lead to a sense of joy with addiction.

So how can you tell the difference?

We would suggest that the path of avoidance has a sense of heaviness about it, it’s scattered with a sense of goallessness.

It’s not focused, you haven’t got the laser beam focus….there is more of a sense of collapse.

But with a shift towards more authentic joy, yes there can be chaos to navigate at times, certainly at the beginning

The path of authentic joy, though it may have some chaos, some momentum, some busyness – there is a focus, there is satisfaction, there is fulfilment, there is presence.

And it will lead to more and more ease in the moment but perhaps not to start with.

So for this week, the question we invite you to ask yourself is


Am I avoiding well being and choosing collapse, or am I on a path of authentic joy?


In Love and Peace
The Ancients

Channeled by Cara Wilde

PS. I’d love to dive into a deeper conversation with you about this. If that sounds good to you too then come over to my free facebook group

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