The one thing that every single human being craves, whether they are consciously aware of or not, is

Unconditional love

We all want to fall into soft arms of acceptance, forgiveness and safety.

We all want to feel held, safe and protected. And we also all want the freedom to think for ourselves, follow our own desires, dreams and ambitions.

In short, we all want to simultaneously merge with oneness and individuate.

We all want to feel part of something more than us, held by something vaster than ourselves, and to also achieve, what Abraham Maslow called, self actualisation.

I believe that if every single person knew that there was a Source of unconditional love supporting them, guiding them and providing for them AND trusted their own desires, needs, joyful impulses and dreams, the combination would result in a Heaven on Earth.

How do we create a Heaven on Earth has been a question in the back of my mind since my late teens ( I was fun at parties 😉 well, actually I was but that’s another story!)

How do we express and ground the unconditional love and bliss that I’ve experienced in various mystical experiences and my communications with the non physical, is another questions that’s driven most of my professional development and carer.

And those two questions have led me to know this about you, about me, about every single human being.

You are loved by a Source of unconditional love, God, Goddess, All That Is, Nature…whatever name you use, “they” love you unconditional and they know your name.

Knows your name. 

Your authenticity, your positive ego, is the portal for your Soul in this physical reality.There is no other “job” that you need to do than you. (I’m sure that reads wrong!).

Here’s another way of saying this; You were Sources next best thought and your uniqueness is an important and significant piece of the Divine puzzle.

And the bridge between the two, knowing and feeling that you are deeply loved and honouring your own uniqueness, is Self Love.

And I mean Self Love beyond a bubble bath 😉 chocolate (as long as it’s 70%, right!?!?!?) or anything else that usually means a brief respite from stress.

I’m talking about a deep, abiding love of self (with a small s, your positive ego) and Self, with a capital S, your Soul self. When you love yourself wildly you start to become a portal for your Soul in this lifetime and you start to live your life from the inside out.

Your life becomes an expression of the very reason that you were Source’s next best thought.

So I ask you, what would your life be like if you were to fall wildly and blissfully in love with yourself?

And this is what my work has evolved into. Wild Bliss has been a concept that I’ve been exploring for years and it’s my intention that we journey together into the depths of self love.

  • What are the pillars to self love?
  • What does it mean to fall wildly and blissfully in love with ourselves, perhaps with each other and with life?
  • How do we transform from the inside out and how does this fit into reality creation, law of attraction and our energy bodies?

Learning to love myself the way that I feel love from The Ancients, Aurora and other aspects of Source energy which for now, remain beyond words, has been one of the greatest gifts and challenges of my life.

And, I think it’s a journey with no end.
I’m certainly a work in progress.

But what I know from over 8 years of channeling for myself and others is that self love and source love allows us to follow our call to adventure, what Joseph Campbell would call our Hero’s Journey,

Self love becomes our new religion.

Self love doesn’t turn us into narcissists. When someone is “narcissising” they don’t love themselves. That’s the core issue.

Self love is a balm to any wounding that stops us from being able to realise our potential, enjoy deeply satisfying and meaningful work and creativity, and experience nourishing relationships and passionate sensuality.

No wonder so many of us have no idea how to do it 😉 What a threat to the status quo. I can hear the cry of negative egos the world over 😉

So, let’s love the negative ego too.

Let’s step gently into our unconscious and, as The A’s say, turn inward with a kind eye and drench ourselves in compassion, self respect, kindness and soothing.

You never know, we might just end up creating a Heaven on Earth for ourselves and each other.

How can you love yourself a little more today? And tomorrow? And the day after……?

Over the coming weeks, months and probably years. I’ll be sharing more tools for helping with the concepts I’ve discussed today. But for now, let me share with you that channeling and my relationship with various guides and collectives over the years has been one the best teaching tools for me.

It’s been the direct experiences from channeling that have allowed me to more embody that unconditional love.

And this has also been true for many of my students of my channeling course who have had profound experiences once they’ve learned how to trust and connect with a high level guide.

At the moment, the self study course is £97 but I’m doubling the price on midnight 12th April so I wanted to give you a heads up about that.

You can find out more here.

channeling course picture

(I’ll be sending out reminders too, so no worries if you forget today!)

In love, as always



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