Hey there.

I recorded an audio for you today and although it’s going out via the podcast, there’s no intro music or anything. 

It’s 9mins long and I wanted it to be an intimate converstation between us.

This week in a channeling session, something new happened. I witnessed the birth of a new belief. I saw the energy as it happened and it took my breath away. More importantly, I want to share with you today, how this relates to you having a positive impact on the elevation of mass consciousness.

So, pop on the audio now or read the transcription now and pause. Let it sink in. Let the message wrap it arms around your worth and expand it.

If you’re moved to, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 

In Love


Hi, it’s Cara from Cara wilde.com.

And I’m not going to put this as part of the podcast or as a solo podcast. It just doesn’t feel right. So for now, I just wanted to connect with you and to talk to you with my voice via audio as well as by words. And hello, how are you?

Good to be with you today and thanks for letting me take up some space in hot can feel like a crazy busy life. Right.

And I wanted to offer you a thought today. So something new happened on a challenge session this week, something new for me as a channel and even though it’s from a private channeling session,

It relates to you as well. I wanted to let you know about it.

Those of you that have experienced my challening sessions know that I see the energy as well as feel it

When I am blended with the ancients and when I used to work with the Aurora, it’s always the same. And over the past eight years of really honing my skills as a channel and being really at ease with being a channel – it  is one of the easiest things for me to do in this world. I really understand what it is that I’m seeing and the different ways that my brain interprets the energies of the person system if you are having a session with me.

And the other day,

something really new happened, and I was witness to the birth of a new belief.

And I saw it as it happened.

In real time, so the client was listening to guidance from the Ancients, the Ancients, were giving reframe, after reframe, and some energetic work was happening between the two of them, and I was witnessing it.

And as that bridge between me and the non physical, I just get to hang out in the middle,  my personality self just gets to hang out in the middle in the space between the Ancients and a client and I can watch shifts  unfold.

So they were having this beautiful exchange. This client that is very, very focused on being a positive presence in this world or loving presence in this world a presence of unconditional love, while still enjoying their own life.

And the ancients were helping them to build up a really

Solid sense of themselves from a loving perspective. And so they were starting to have thoughts about themselves that they’ve never had before. And there was just this one moment, just this one moment where there was this

Aha. And then I saw this burst of energy and this new belief start to exist within the energy framework of the client. I haven’t got the words really. And it was, I was like witnessing a new birth, it was so sacred and wonderful. And then the client felt it,  the A’s acknowledged it, and then it grew even more. And it was just this wonderful unfolding of human nature. And that’s the bit that I wanted to share with you

was the bit that I shared with the client afterwards because I always share anything that I see.

What I want to say to you is, thank you for doing this work, for doing the inner work for

I don’t know what to call it  – sometimes it’s called being at the leading edge of thought. Aurora taught me a long time ago about those of us that are here to create new thoughts.

And I don’t know about you, but I feel like a complete novice in that really still, creating new thoughts. Like Byron Katie says there are no new thoughts.

You know, there are new no new stressful for us. We’ve all thought them a billion times they’re in the collective they’re easy to bump into. It’s like walking down the street thinking “negative thoughts, get them off me stressful thoughts, get them off me!”.

But we’re here to create new thoughts to and, you know, what does that actually mean? What does that look like? And I was thinking on my walk this morning, what new beliefs and new thoughts do I want to have about my life and was being really playful with that. 

And so, like you, I’m invested in being a loving presence in this earth, I’m totally up for creating a heaven on earth with source energy. So focused on finding solutions and also not being in denial about some of the more difficult processes we go through as human beings.

So, like you, I am constantly evolving and like you, I’m like this client, you know, you’re adding new thoughts to the collective. Every time you transform something about yourself, you’re offering that opportunity to mass consciousness and the collectiveness and you make it so much more easily accessible to the next person.

And I want you to really take a moment in your day to listen to this now, to let that sink in about how valuable a contribution that is to humankind,

In a world where the loud ones get the attention in a world where we’re conditioned to believe that we earn our way through our material possessions.

It’s good to remember the quieter ones. You know, the quieter ones like us that that actually need a stronger voice, actually need to be taking up more space in this world and that contribute through living with more meaning. more satisfaction and adding to the collective joy and the collective possibilities and how we want to really make a difference and to live in a more heart centred and connected way.

Take a moment that, you know, I’m, and let me be clear, I’m totally up for material possessions. I like money. I like having a decent house a decent standard of living. I want to be able to follow my dreams. You know, I’m not suggesting that we live as martyrs. That is not unconditional love. That’s not love. That’s sacrifice.

But for those of us that may not have acquired that yet, or don’t live with that when the entire focus in a world that tells us that we’re not good enough unless we’ve got the latest thing or we’ve got the biggest house or the fastest car. Just wanted to really thank you. Thank you and I appreciate the inner work that you do that then becomes available for other people in mass consciousness.

and makes it easier for the people to think in more loving ways about themselves, more loving ways about the world. And that’s what we need. That’s what we are creating.

This world needs more compassion. This world needs more kindness. This world needs more respect. So thank you for doing that work. And I really hope you honour that about yourself today. And really value that connection between the inner and the outer and how important that is.

So that’s it. That’s what I wanted to give you a pause for reflection today. I hope this message finds you well. And thank you again, for giving me space in your life today. That’s very precious.

Bye for now.