Hi oh, beautiful one. Yep, that would be you.

Today I wanted to share you two pieces of information to help you know and live your true expanded nature. The first is a spiritual mike drop from The A’s and the second is a podcast interview I did recently about living from your authentic blueprint at the more behavioural and day to day level.

I hope both of them help you to soar and enjoy being you more.

(If you are feeling at ALL powerless in your life, really let this sink in)

Here’s The Ancients.

“You are ever-expanding. And the concept of many lifetimes is accurate, but they are still part of the manifestation. If there’s information that you want, that some part of your overall system wants to contemplate, you can go and create a lifetime to have that experience, and then bring that information back to your now.

All at this moment. Now. Some aspect of your Self goes and creates a life based on the information you require in this lifetime. Then, at that Soul level, all the information you require is available to you.

 And you can live from that and operate from that point of view. If you want to, in this lifetime, you kind of awaken to that other lifetime that you have just gone and created.

You are that powerful and you are NEVER still. As a creative force of energy, you are never still



I”ll just leave that with you 😉

And here’s the podcast interview:

How to take the breaks off your personal growth.

I highly recommend Holly’s podcast, Into The Woods, she manages to beautiful weave our relationships with nature with our relationship with our true nature. It’s also rich with information on such topics as how to hike, fast, travel alone and talk to trees!

In the podcast, Holly and I talk about the process I use during my breakthrough sessions. The podcast focuses on how to live from your authentic blueprint in life, how to recognise when you are not and how your blueprint affects your enjoyment of life.

If you feel really stuck in an area of your life I highly recommend you listen in as the podcast is packed with gems on how to get unstuck.

You can find the interview here

If you are curious about the breakthrough sessions, you can find out more here.

And for now, as a friend said to me last night, have a gentle and nourishing weekend.

In Love

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