Hi there As I write, I’m wondering if you are feeling the pull of the Equinox energies, to release the old ready for the new.

In today’s newsletter:

  • A catch up and some spiritual practices of mine that are resulting in miracles for our family.
  • An invitation and exercise on how to make the most of the Equinox energies and a personal sharing of how I’m celebrating.

Catch up and miracles in change.

Our family has been transitioning into a new way of being as my eldest started college and my youngest started to work with private tutors.

It’s been a good few years since our family has engaged with any mainstream education having largely unschooled as a home educating family.

And due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was now needing to drive some 120miles a day on top of working. There were also some unforeseen changes with my co-parent.

It would seem that this new future I have planned for my family, of which this is the first step, was rewiring our whole family system and we had some changes to make.

There have been some challenges as we’ve all needed to shift some beliefs, let go of old identities and ways of relating and I’ve been very focused on aligning my thoughts with my heart’s desires.

And I am thrilled by what’s starting to show up in my physical reality.

We’ve had some unhelpful and sometimes downright painful experiences from the education and medical systems, but I was adamant that we were ONLY pulling into our reality LOVING SUPPORT.

I held that mantra in my heart and wouldn’t allow any thoughts outside of that reality to exist in my consciousness. As with all shifts and times of change, it took effort and commitment to stay focused on what I wanted to materialise rather than being pulled into the fearful thoughts that I didn’t want to happen.

Still, I can be convinced that if I’m not worrying, I’m being irresponsible. That if I’m not focused on the problem, I’ll never find a solution. And, even with welcome change there are parts of us that don’t want to change, that, as The A’s say,

“Joy is not for the fainthearted. It takes a commitment to be a disciple of your soul, to sacrifice the old ways.So you can make sacred the life that you experience. Or the life that you choose.

Deep conditioning and cultural influencing can still be tricky to throw off. Even after all these years of channeling and having direct experiences of how mailable physical reality is, how what we think, feel, expect and desire is our direct communication to Source, I still can regress to thinking that I need to do it all on my own at times of stress. But walking angels have showed up in our lives, people have achieved more than they thought possible, new identities created and new possibilities beginning to be birthed. We’ve now settled into a new way of being in the world and I’m at peace and eager for more.

Today I nipped down the road for an ocean swim and started to feel into the Equinox.

This one is a dreamy one people!!

It’s time for our wildest dreams.

I know that in our current global circumstances and the challenges that humanity seems to face, it can feel frivolous, daunting or even redundant to be contemplating our individual dreams.

But this is exactly the time to be contemplating our wildest, heart felt dreams because they are how our Soul expresses itself in our physical reality. It’s my firm belief that your Souls desires for you will, in some way, be an answer to a global need too. Even if you can’t see how in the moment, from a wider perspective it has to.

We are all connected, the soul speaks the language of unconditional love and collectively I believe we are being called to live a more primal spirituality. I’ll be saying more about this and sharing more of The Ancients message around our gowing spirituality over the next few weeks. 

But for now, dare to dream again.

This week I’m going for a full moon swim with friends and then an Equinox swim with a group of women who are setting the intention to ocean swim throughout the winter. Ocean swimming throughout the year has been a goal of mine for a while and I’ve finally given myself permission to do it this year.

I’m usually in the stone circle at the full moon not in the ocean so I’m looking forward to a different experience.

I”m also taking time to really feel into the energy of this Equinox. I’ve been so busy with other people’s needs this last few weeks but I finally tuned into and felt the Equinox today and it’s a powerful one.

Here’s my invitation:

Listen to any calls to slow down, day dream and relax.

I”m feeling called to a solo day on the beach, to swim and slow down to help me tune into my heart field and increase my sense of expansion.

I have a voice that tells me my to do list is far more important but my heart knows the truth and I’m being strongly guided to experience more than an hours solo hike on the moors which is my usual top up practice.

For you it may be something radically different, like resting in candle light, wrapped in soft blankets, sipping tea.

For others it may be long soaks in a bath, running in a deeply embodied and meditative way or taking moments throughout your day to connect to your physical body and senses.

Whatever the activity, the intention is to be really present and connected to the wisdom of your body.

As I’m in the Northern Hemisphere and heading towards Autumn, this Harvest Moon and Equinox are an opportunity to appreciate the harvest in my life and all that I have manifested, experienced and the bounty that surrounds me. It’s also the start of a new growth period.

Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere you can still perform the next ceremony. 

Equinoxes and solstices are powerful times for setting intentions. I particularly like an exercise by one of my old spiritual teachers Gill Edwards (original can be found in her book Life is a Gift)

Here’s what she suggests (and I’m doing this)

Take time to get into an appreciating heart space so that you are connecting to authentic dreams, not shoulds and oughts.

You might want to light candles and play soft music. I might do mine in nature. (this is the state we are going for ;-))

On a large sheet of paper draw a large circle (it’s easier to access the creative, visionary part of our brain when we right in a circle rather than making a list) and call it your

Circle of Dreams

Then write down everything that you would be, do have if your WILDEST dreams came true,really go for it. Know that any heart felt dream is possible and let yourself be a visionary for your life.

Or you could write down everything that you want to experience in your life, or the qualities that you want to bring more into your life such as Love, Joy, Adventure, Peace, Abundance, Trust etc…

Let your dreams, desires and wisdom flow onto the page.

I’m so excited about doing this.

You can focus on the next 2- 3 years and I will be very curious about how my deep wisdom creates my wildest dreams within the awareness of the pandemic. I don’t know how that may or may not affect this process.

And then let it go. Dont’ start a to do list. Yet.

There’s time to follow any impulses, you can certainly take action if that feels right to you. But for this exercise, diving into the dreams is the important part.

See if you can start to really imagine yourself living that life you desire for yourself next.

Have a beautiful, abundant week and if you do the exercise and want to share it with me please do so, I’d really love to know what dreams our hearts are holding for us all.

I’ll be sharing more next week.

In Love