How to channel your guide, with ease.


I’ve been a professional channel (ie getting paid for it) for about 10 years now and consciously communicating with spirit and the non physical in some way since I was 17 (so about 30 years as I write this!) That’s a long time.

Over that time I’ve had lots and lots and lots…well you get the idea, of questions about what it’s like, how to do it and how to not be scared of it etc so I thought I’d put together a blog post that answers some of the most common questions I get asked.


How long does it take to study?


The actual process of learning to channel your guides doesn’t take very long at all. I tend to be able to teach a student within a couple of hours. What does take the time is learning all the information that allows the process of meeting a guide and channeling to be done in the most ease filled and joyful way.

People tend to have lots of fears, doubts, questions and concerns about channeling. Honestly, it tends to be some of the most kind hearted, generous and earnest people with the highest of integrity that are drawn to channeling.

I’m sure that many a negative ego can be in charge of the process too, and that some people want to channel merely for their own personal world domination 😉 but I haven’t come across too many of them and I’m sure you aren’t one of them (no really I’m sure, actually that fact that you are questioning whether you are one of those people should tell you that you really aren’t).


Who can channel their guide?


Channeling your guide is a skill not a gift. If you are drawn to channeling and are willing to practice, you can do it.

Honestly, I think this should be on the evening news, billboards and a tagline that’s available in all good tattoo parlours. However, I do realise that might just allow people to understand just how truly powerful they are, so maybe we shouldn’t do that 😉

Channeling is an ancient skill. There are cave paintings which seem to show shamans channeling. We know of Oracles from ancient Greece and Egypt. Then there’s Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping channel. We tend to think of them as special and chosen ones.

These are all unconscious channels. Edgar Cayce was kinda knocked out and information flowed out of him whilst he “slept” and he couldn’t remember any of it.

Jach Pursel, who channels Lazaris can’t remember any of the information that he channels and prefers it that way. He first started channeling after he fell asleep during meditation and Lazaris started to have an in depth discussion with his wife Penny. When Jach awoke he couldn’t remember any of it, and by all accounts didn’t like the idea much either! Clearly that’s changed because he’s been channeling Lazaris for about 40 years now.

My inner control freak would definitely not like the idea of being an unconscious channel thank you very much, and I’m very much a conscious channel. I very much stay aware whilst I’m channeling. I can stop it and disconnect at anytime.

My ability to remember the information I channel may fade over time but whilst I’m channeling I’m very present, although I’m more of an observer of the process these days, than actively involved.

In the early days, I was very much more of an interface between the being I was channeling and a client. Sometimes I would reframe the client’s question so that they would receive a more comprehensive answer.

Sometimes if the message that was flowing back from the non physical seemed too general and less practical than I thought useful, I would ask my guides follow up questions on behalf of the client. These days the process is so refined for me, I no longer need to do it.

So, channeling these days tends to be a much more conscious experience. Most people consciously channel their guides.

Personally I LOVE the experience of channeling. I get to have some out of this world experiences, LITERALLY and call it my day job!

So, that’s our starting point. Channeling is a conscious act if you want it to be. It’s something that you can choose to do for yourself. Orin and Daben were the guides and collectives that really brought channeling to the everyday folk.

Channeling is an ancient profession


I think channeling is an ancient profession whose time has come again. And whilst it might have been true that at some time, channeling was reserved for people who had more of a natural leaning or predilection for it. My guess is that this was because for many years it would have been considered witchcraft and outlawed. In the UK the last person to be convicted under the witchcraft act was only in the 1940’s, so still fresh in the psyche.

At many points through history it would have been feared, considered odd or insane and so not many people would have actively pursued it.

My guess is, in our ancient history, we all did it. I have had channeling experiences that I think confirm this. Perhaps when we were more in tune with our true nature and the true nature of the Earth, channeling was a natural part of out day to day existence and this brings me to the next point about what channeling is and stay with me because I think this is really exciting and useful.


What is channeling?

Usually when we talk of channeling we mean connecting with a spirit guide and letting them speak through us, or communicate through us in some way.

But that can make it sounds a bit far out, but channeling is something that we do every single day.

But let’s start with talking about the relationship with guides themselves because I don’t think many people really understand this.

The guides and non physical collectives who we connect with are so grateful for the connection. They learn just as much from us as we do from them. It’s a mutually beneficial growth experience for both parties.

I know this from my own guides and I’ve heard it expressed many, many times with my students guides.

Sometimes our guides have never been physical and they get to see this world, this perspective through our eyes. Sometimes we have been their guides in another lifetime. Sometimes the guides are teachers who want to help and serve humanity in some way and NEED a physical channel in order to do this.

What I hear over and over again from guides is that the channeling relationship is a gift for them too. You are a gift to them.

Aurora, the first collective I channeled professionally, always said that they were no different from me, from us. We are all sovereign beings, multidimensional and far more than our current perspective of seeing ourselves as physical beings can allow.

The ONLY difference between them and me, Aurora said, was that they could still hold a wider perspective. There is no hierarchy as far as they were concerned. That was a human concept and not one they identified with.

Our guides can hold that wider perspective of seeing all of our lifetimes, all our parallel, possible and probable selves, our multi-dimensional self. They too are on their journey of reuniting with God/Goddess/All That Is. They too are focused on growth and expansion.

It’s like being physical is when we are stood in our house, and all all we can see is our garden. Being a guide is like flying in a space rocket and being able to see that our garden exists within that totality of Earth.

Whilst we are physical, we think our garden is our whole world, when our guides know that we have an entire planet to explore and they know the various routes we can take.

So, back to what channeling is. So hold on the idea the guides just have a wider perspective to us. And remember I said that you channel every day? Here’s what I mean.

Think about this, whenever you feel an emotion, that’s energy running through your body. Energy that you are translating into a word that describes an emotion. Really, emotions are the result of cascading chemical reactions in your body that we become aware of and translate into words such as sadness, happiness and anger. You might SPEAK of that sadness or happiness or whatever fountain of deliciousness might come be coming out of you in that moment. You are channeling.

You are translating energy into words.

Yes, you are translating from a very narrow and perhaps fixed focus of your personality in that  moment. But you are still channeling.

And then you might say, hold on let me take a look at that sadness a moment. Let me observe it, then you are in what’s known as the observer state. It’s a WIDER perspective.

You are no longer simply translating the energy of sadness, you are no longer in it, you are observing it and then you can respond to it.

Are you still with me? Can you see that each point you are taking a slightly wider perspective?

The next step would be to connect with a guide and take an even wider perspective. Beyond the observer of the emotion, but wider to the observer of the thought that started the cascade, then to the personality that had the thought, then to the future of that self, the past of that self, beyond that self to the other selves that are being expressed in other lifetimes right now.

So, though we use terms like higher realms, really it’s just wider realms. A lot wider for sure. But this is really important because us human beings can have such a low opinion of ourselves that thinking we are connecting with higher realms can lead us to really not feel good enough to channel, that we have to be beyond emotions such as anger, or jealousy, that we have to be near perfect and pure in order to channel and that’s just not true.

Realising that we are going wider, not higher can really help normalise the process (we aren’t going anywhere really) and also allow channeling to be the practical, information source for everyday life that it is.


What kind of person can channel their guide? Is there any special rules that I should follow?


I get asked this all the time.

I’ve said this already but it really does stand repeating. Anyone who is drawn to channeling and is willing to put in the practice, can channel. There are no special people.

Channeling is a process of surrender, but no different to a Reiki practitioner surrendering the outcome of a session, or a coach trusting their training and being in their flow.

Channeling is a flow state.

Here’s some of the common myths I’ve been asked about over the years:

  • You don’t need to be a vegetarian or follow a specific diet in order to channel.
  • You don’t need to be on a spiritual path, though channeling will invite you onto one.
  • You don’t need to have led a perfect life.
  • You don’t need to meditate for hours everyday first.
  • You don’t have to be in the “right” job or work in the spiritual field

You seeing a pattern here? You don’t have to be perfect or pure in that religious sense.There seems to be an outdated idea that channeling is reserved for people like monks who have been meditating and shielded from modern society.Channeling is for a modern world. It’s extremely grounding and practical.

The only purity needed for channeling is a purity of integrity, that is, a desire to connect through Love (and that includes loving ourselves!)I still smoked when I first starting channeling. I had one of my first mystical experiences whilst on a cigarette break during my first Reiki attunement. I”ve channeled after drinking half a bottle of wine (but I wouldn’t recommend that and I’ll tell you about it another time!)

So, you, just as you are right now are good enough and deserving enough to be a channel of the light. I go a bit more into other fears and doubts that people have had in this blog post.


But I’m scared!


Let’s look at some really common fears about channeling your guides and how to shift through them.

How do I know its a good guide and not an evil, bad one or just my ego?


Right. This is one of the most common questions I get asked and I’ve had my own journey with this too.

First off, our universe is a loving one. There is no God (in my opinion) that’s judging us, measuring us up against certain standards or waiting to teach us lessons for our highest good.

My cosmology tells me that there is a loving Source of All That Is, that says Yes to my every request. I include connecting with loving, high level guides.

So first of all. What is your cosmology?

More importantly, and this is crucial to understand. You are in charge of your own energy system. I encourage my students to meet their guide mentally first. (and we’ll get to that in a bit) Get to know them in the mental realm before you invite them into your energy system.

Have the intention that you are going to meet the creme de la creme of guides. Only the best will do for you and here’s how I’d encourage you to think of the best:

  • Unconditionally loving
  • A desire to love for their own growth, a loving being. Use high level guide as a mantra for yourself if that helps
  • A desire to serve you and humanity.
  • A guide that has your growth as their hearts desire.
  • Basically you are wanting a really, really good friend who also has access to all this “high level’ guidance.
  • Ask sincerely from your heart and you can’t go wrong.
  • Then spend time getting to know them like you would a stranger at a party. And leave them or ask them to leave, say no if you feel at all uncomfortable, not right, not sure, need to think about it etc. There are various thought forms that float around which you can hook up with. We do it every day and call them thoughts. There are beings who aren’t that interested in serving and supporting humanity. So it’s wise to ask for what you want and settle for nothing less than what feels loving and right to you.You will be able to tell. Promise.

So how to I actually channel my guide? What is the step by step process?


I’m glad you asked! Here’s how I guide my students. This is only a guide. One that I’ve used over and over again with success, but it’s still a guide and you may well feel led to other ways. Trust yourself, knowing that you can always change your mind in the future.

So, by now, you’ve decided that you want to channel and you have set the intention to connect with the creme de la creme guide for you!

You may be drawn to do something sacred and cleansing like having a light shower, a warm bath ,walking in nature, connecting with a pet or tree or non of those things and just want to jump straight in.

All of that is fine, but do slow down enough to realise the sacredness of this moment. You are about to meet a dear and loving friend. Perhaps one that you have known over many life times.

This is going to be a beautiful experience.


Mentally meeting your guide


You can mentally meet your guide in any type of guided visualisation. After you set your intention, what I call “putting out the call” you can relax and imagine yourself in a meeting place.

Some people like to surround themselves with a white light of loving and positive energy first, then relax deeply and go to a safe and sacred space. For some people it’s a sacred forest, some a crystal temple, most often my guides take people to a circular meeting place made of selenite and clear quartz, for some it’s simply that they walk through a doorway.

Wherever feels sacred and beautiful to you is right.

Whilst there see yourself surrounded by many beings of light supporting you in this connection. Wherever I take someone through this process there are thousands of beings of love celebrating this connection. It always feels like a home coming to me

When you are in your meeting place ask your guide to come forward in a physical form so that you might converse with them. Non physical beings are beings of light waves and sounds, but quite often present themselves in a human form that represents their essence and their intended connection with you.

Ask their name. Again a name is for our benefit. It’s been my experience that non physical beings get to know each other my merging and exchanging their energies, they mostly likely don’t have  a need for names but they give us names that represent their essence or the essence of our connection.

For example when I met Aurora, I had left a marriage, changed location and fallen in love again, my life truly was a reflection of Aurora, which means New Dawn and what they came to teach me also heralded the start of many new dawns in my life.

The collective I work with now call themselves The Ancients and tell me that they are part of the original intention for physical reality, they are connected with Lemuria. They often show up as a Stag for me and my relationship with them has been all about remembering who we came here to be, the sacredness of Earth and of ourselves.

They have helped me awaken to an Ancient and beautiful aspects of magic and spiritual heritage that I had forgotten and I’ve only just skimmed the surface of our relationship after 4 years of working with them.

Your first guide may be your guide for life, or it may be, as Aurora was for me, a guide that paves the way for a much more expanded energy that awaits you. I couldn’t have possibly held the energy of The Ancients when I first started channeling.

Once you have made contact, come out of the visualisation and take some time to integrate  the experience. You can spend time, hours, days, whatever feels right to you talking to your guide mentally before going on to the next step.

You don’t need to, you can go straight into the next step but make sure that you feel comfortable about who you have connected with before proceeding. Take all the time that you need.


Energy blending.


Once you are comfortable with your guide and have taken the time to get to know them in the mental realm. It’s time to allow them to merge with your energy system and channel.

Or not!

This is the point where most people tend to get nervous. Remember that you are fully in control of this process. You can ask your guides to step forward or back at any time. You can disconnect from your guides at any point. They need to have permission to enter your energy system, you don’t need permission to disconnect from them.

This part is as simple as asking them to blend their energy with yours. You might like to imagine that your energy goes up to meet theirs as theirs comes down to meet and merge with yours.
I have created a process where I get all my students to ask their guides to give them an energy signature. Here how that goes.

Once you have allowed your guide into your energy system,as them to give you a “feeling tone” that you can recognise as them. With Aurora it was a ripple of excitement as we connected, with The A’s is a feeling of expansion of love and peace all over my body and I feel like I’m becoming vast and filled with space. Delicious.

Your guide will be able to give you a unique feeling tone that is their unique “hello, tis me” sign.

And then, channel.

Yep now, straight away. Imagine that you are the guide and pretend to be them. Let it flow.
Record yourself, speak anything that you feel inspired to, the impulse to. Let it flow.

Yes you might feel silly, yes you’ll probably feel like you are making it up.

When I first started channeling verbally, it was this weird sensation of being me and someone else “bigger” than me and “over” me at the same time.

It was a blast though.

And listen, when I first started channeling it was by accident. I’d feel in love with my then partner and had just given him his Reiki Attunement. He was meditating trying to contact his Reiki Guide so I thought I’d nip into the higher realms and see who wanted to partner with me.

I’d not worked with anyone for a while so I thought it might be fun. That’s when I met Aurora who said they wanted to speak through me. That night.

I damn well knew, I could just tell that my voice would change and all I could think of was “damn I still want this guy to think I’m hot and now this “guide” wants to speak through me. Damn that timing.

Anyway he thought it was a fine idea and had this kinda bring it on attitude and the rest they say is history. For those first few months we spent every night channeling and having such a good time, Aurora had us in stitches at times.

We ended up building this business around the demand for readings. But I never started channeling to give readings. I started channeling because it was so much fun, I had a ton of questions about life, love and the universe and I really couldn’t get enough of it.

I’d highly encourage you to see chanelign and something fun, loving playful and incredibly interesting. Something to help improve your own life before you even consider using it as a way to generate a living for yourself. If running a business as channel is part of your future then hell yes to that. The more the merrier but don’t put that pressure on yourself to begin with, let it be just for you first.

Just a wild and sacred gift for yourself and your family first.

And really that’s it. Obviously there is a lot more to learn and discover, but those are the initial steps to meeting and initially channeling your guide!

So have a go, you don’t have to verbally channel, you can write, channel music, channel art or simply bask in that beautiful and loving energy,

Everytime you channel you are exposing yourself to a very loving and healing energy. Everytime you do that you will automatically increase your own ability to love yourself and then love others. (yes that way round). You could get to know yourself in a deploy sacred and reverent way whilst not taking yourself too seriously.

I can’t encourage you enough.


Channeling for yourself and others.


When you first start to channel, channeling questions for yourself might be too hard. Ironically channeling for others might be easier.Our emotional attachment to the answers can be enough to knock out our connection.

Here are some guidelines.

Channeling for yourself.


Start off by asking questions of a more global nature rather than specific ones for you own life.

  • What is the nature of reality?
  • Do we all have a soul purpose?
  • How do we find that purpose?
  • What are you here to teach me? To help me with?
  • What is the nature of our connection?
  • How can I strengthen my connection with you?
  • How can I bring more Joy into my life?
  • Choosing a channeling partner.


Okay so let’s say you decide to channel for someone else or get someone else to ask questions to your guide on your behalf. WHo to pick?Be choosey. When you first start to channel, you can feel like you need to prove that you are channneling. That you need to get the right answers, right guidance.
Nope.Let me say that again. Nopety nope nope nope. 

You don’t have to proof your channeling to anyone, I wouldn’t ever try and prove it to yourself at first. Just let it flow.

So choose a partner who is curious and open and feels like it’s an honour and privaldge to channel with you, to witness this. You want your channel to be open and the most effective way of doing this I’ve ever come across is to hold a sense of gentle curiosity, whilst feeling into whether the guidance consistently sounds like love and empowers you.

To start with, your partner might have to sit in silence for a while whilst the information flows to you. I knwo I did. Sometimes my partner would ask as question and 5 or ten minutes would go by before an answer started to flow.

As a channel, that can feel like a life time.

Sometimes you might only get a few words. Let it all be okay, let it all be welcome. Having a prtenr ask question about their life can be an incredible thrill and exciting way to start channeling. As long as you let go of trying to be right. The answers that flow might surprise and delight the both of you.

If the answers don’t exactly make sense at first, try seeing if they hold an essence of an anwer. Try to make the answers fit the question rather than dismissing them if you don’t understand them at first. It’s counter cultural. Our culture teaches us to prove everything, to tick boxes, to be right above all else.

Channeling calls for trust with discernment. As long as you feel better about yourself after hearing the channeled answers, you can let it flow and let the connection grow Its like creating new neural pathways, it takes time and representation and like all skill development, it will feel clunky and clumsy at first. Trust the process and keep going.

For me, the actual process of starting the connection and then allowing the words to flow when I ‘m channeling for others feels like being on a roller coaster. When I started channeling professionally, I’d be scared that the guides wouldn’t turn up (no abandonment issues!) or that I wouldn’t get anything. In reality, if that had been true I would have simply refunded the client and all would be fine. But to start with, I was a bit concerned that it was a fluke, “this is the time they aren’t going to show!”

Even after hours and hours of channeling, this fear would show up. It doesn’t now but it took a while. And the moment when I felt the connection and blending happen, then a client ask a question – the bit just before the energy of the answer came through was like being at the tipping point of a rollar coaster. There were a few moments and then weeeeee!! The answers came through and we were off! Thankfully I like rollar coaster rides. For other channels this process might be different, but even after 10 years of channeling I still get this rush.


Can you channel more than your guide?


I highly recommend that you connect with one guide or collective to start with. Channeling is a process of trust, deep trust and opening yourself to many different beings at once is like going to a party and getting deep and comfortable with the whole lot all at once. At tad overwhleming and well, a bit strange to be honest.

Aurora was my gatekeeper to other beings. I would feel other energies and beings come close and check with Aurora before I connected with them.Now, I’d be comfortable discerning energies for myself, but back then it was really reassuring to have Aurora as my energy shield.

Everything that has ever been alive still exists in energy form and can be channeled.

When I first started channeling I tried connecting with many beings. Einstein was one and though connecting with him never turned me into a mathematical genius, I know I did connect because he gave me a viewpoint of mathematics that I’d never considered before.

Remember, channeling is not about absolute proof, it’s about having an experience and then discerning the truth of that experience for yourself.

Other energies I’ve channeled over the years:

Someone’s dog who had died. Their personality came through so clearly that the owner (my client) had no doubt it was them.

The higher self of my grandad. This was when I channeled for my mum. His higher self came through to help her understand some of the more difficult issues she had faced in that relationship which proved to be very healing for her.

A client’s partner who was still alive. That one was unusual. My client was having relationship issues and the Soul of her partner came through in channeling to express what the personality of her partner couldn’t express at the time.

Other people’s guides.

Beings of light that wanted to support someone’s business idea.


Plants, flowers

Power animals

Past, future and parallel selves.

It’s really endless and a lot of fun.


Final note

Being exposed to the level of love that is available when we blend with a high level guide is stunningly beautiful and can also leave us feeling undeserving. I’ve burst into tears in reflection to the level of love I’ve experienced in a channeling state.

Sometimes, parts of ourselves that have been desperate for love can come clamoring to the surface of our psyche. It’s as though smaller and younger parts of ourselves have had a glimpse of “home” and they want more.

If you find yourself becoming emotional, let me reassure you that this is part of the process. Younger parts may need your reassurance that they are lovable and deserving of the love of your guide. Be gentle with any tenderness and if significant issues come up to be healed, know that’s it’s all part of the process and reach out for help and support if you need it.

Not on of us needs to do this journey alone.



That’s enough information to get going on your own, your guides and intuition will lead you through the process. All you need to do is follow any of my suggestions above that feel good to you.

If you do want more support and hand holding through the process, you can access my self study course here. 

You also have access to the private support group where myself and other channels hang out to support each other and share our experiences. 

Good luck, we need more channels in the world and I’ll maybe see you in the group if you join us. 

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