Sometimes I wish I had my life more together, and then sometimes I remind myself that messy is normal and perfection is media, marketing driven unachievable insanity.

I’m normal.

Even if I do talk to non-physical beings.

So, you ever had a moment when you thought.  I can’t do this!?

Do you have that thought more when you are slightly sleep deprived?

Does a new moon and full moon affect your sleep no matter what your sleep hygiene is like?

Yes? RIght pull up a chair, I think I can help you…..

2 hours sleep. 3am and the New Moon had me wired. So I got up.

Oh the peace, 4am the birds. Fresh morning air. Bliss

Thank you moon for waking me up.

Roll forward to 3pm.

Not so blissful. 

Children refusing, well anything.
One child having a meltdown, sensory overwhelm and anxiety.
Plans have gone to pot.
I need a nap.
Work deadlines calling

I’m tired. Very. Now cursing said moon that I adored earlier.

Laid in bed, too wired to sleep and listening to the thoughts that tell me I can’t do this.

“Look at my choices. I can’t believe that I’ve penned myself in with all my choices, this is never going to work. It’s so hard. So so hard.”

In reality, it’s a blip, a moment in time when things don’t go according to plan, but tiredness gripped logic by the throat and that’s when all emotional resistance can come into play.



It’s me again 😉

Can you help me to resolve this issue?

(I ask this a lot, it’s a technique I teach in my channeling course but bare with me, I’ll tell you how to do it too)

So, I do my thing with my guides. 

Then there is burning deep in my groin, I can feel the energy of my root chakra intensify. I stay with it. I know this process inside out. I know it works.

More burning.

I repeat my technique for about 15- 20 mins. To the outsider I look like I’m laid in bed trying to sleep, but there is a lot going on inside..

And then, that’s it.

The fear and resistance is gone.

I get an alert coming up on my app from a blogger I haven’t heard from in about 5 years who I know ran a business and home educated her kids.

I’d felt the shift in me. Reality confirmed it immediately and I got out of bed knowing that I’ve got this!

I came down to a different reality. I was working in the living room, I had happy kids again who were into their own creativity and all was well in the world.

and this is life right?

We have blips and moments and some last a very long bloody time. And having my guides as part of my toolkit transforms my day.

So how to do this yourself.

If you are in my channel your guide program, you already know and it’s a case of practice and ask, ask, ask.

If you aren’t in my course, here’s some tips:

  • Get close to your guide. Meet, greet then get to know really, really well. I call this taking them out on the road. Talk to them all the time. Relationship is key.
  • Energetically blend with your guide. Don’t just do it on the mental realm, invite them into your body – once you have the trust thing going on.
  • Pick something you want to heal, an emotional state, a belief, something physical and ask
  • BLend with your guide and ask them to heal or I always ask them to “resolve this issue”
  • Set the intention that this is going to transform and surrender the way that needs to happen
  • And then get very self aware, very very honest and self reflective.  It’s useful to use similar principles to EFT for assessing your success with this process. Rate the intensity of your issue from 0-10. 10 is the worst it could be. If it’s a belief 10 would be that the belief is absolutely true. Do the process and then assess again.

Here’s some possible outcomes.

Nothing, it feels like nothing is happening. (Do it again)

The issue shifts. It’s done and gone.

You become aware of the next layer of this issue and work layer by layer until it’s resolved. This might take a few mins, a few hours, or weeks, days, months.

Aurora first showed me this process and then I learned that Gary Craig has shifted from traditional EFT to Optimal EFT which looks very similar to what Aurora taught me.

You don’t have to believe in this process for it to have an effect. Just have a go.

Please do note, this is obviously a very brief overview. If you don’t get results, don’t criticise yourself or the process, give it a chance or move onto something else. The ease of the shift I felt on the day I describe is a result of years of doing this with my guides. I still have my blind spots too, it’s all a journey 😀

Do you do anything similar or have tried this and would be willing to share your experience?

I’d love to hear more.

In love

PS. We need guides support on the day to day stuff of life, it’s rarely for the big dramas. If you’d like to meet your guide, or deepen your connection, you’ll find all you need in my course. Find out more here.

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