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 You know when we choose a new goal for ourselves, a new relationship, a new job, health goal etc…we get all fired up and then the sabotaging thoughts can flow in reminding us of what happened the LAST time we tried something like this?

That’s what they speak to today. How to re-frame intrusive memories like that and the gift they are really trying to give us!

[An audio version is at the end of the blog]

I can never tell how a snippet of channeling is going to land compared to hearing the whole thing so here’s a bit of backstory to frame this snippet for you. 

The larger idea of this channeling was that nothing is ever going wrong in a lifetime, even though parts of the lifetime may be really tough, have moments of intense grief or fear and other challenging states to navigate.

The universe always flowing solutions to us, always. And the basic flow of life is love, ease and joy. I know that can be really tricky to hear or hang onto sometimes, it’s certainly still hard for me at times.  

Previous to this snippet I’m sharing,  The A’s were helping me to understand how to RECEIVE qualities that perhaps we haven’t received early on in our lives, mainly our childhood. 

Maybe we didn’t receive support, protection, guidance or safety for example.

Pay attention to how they tell us that intrusive memories are arising because there is  light that we haven’t taken from them yet. A gift we haven’t received. And that what we didn’t receive then, we can receive now. As I see it, perhaps we didn’t receive the resources we needed at the time, the intrusive memory comes up and we can choose to receive those qualities now.


“When some memories come up, sometimes they come through as intrusive memories or intrusive thoughts.  You can be about to embark on something wonderful for yourself. and then the more protective part throws at you a memory from your past.

And you can interpret that as “That means I’m not good enough to do this”

And we would love for you to, instead, take a moment and realise, as much as you consciously can, at that moment, that time frame, realise that that memory has been thrown up, because it’s got some really good information in there for you, some useful information.

So as you look at that memory, the wondering can be, “What information was I gathering at the time? What information was I gathering at the time, that will serve me now as a propeller for experiencing this next step in the most glorious, joyful, wonderful way?”

Because you sometimes think, how is this trying to be helpful? How is this part of me trying to be helpful, and it feels protective, or it’s trying to make sure that I won’t experience that pain again.

That’s not all there is to it. It’s far more intelligent than that.

And so it is saying that is, let’s try this terminology. That is a light here that wasn’t captured. You experienced the painful part of it. But there is a  light shadow aspect of it that wasn’t captured at the time. And so it’s come around again, for you to open up to receive it this time.

So in that other the memory, what did I not let in What did I not allow?

The movement of creation is always for the most ease and joy and laughter and celebration in any moment. You’re not here to learn lessons of how to improve yourself. The universe is not punitive.

And sometimes, when you face a new challenge,  you’ll have an old memory coming in. There’s a punitive feel to it. I didn’t learn this last time, and so it’s here again. But we will encourage you to say what did I not let in? What goodness, what richness, what wonderful, beautiful experiences do I  not let in last time that I can allow in a little more to this time?

Reality creation, 101 Am I blocking or allowing? Am I blocking joy or allowing joy? Am I blocking or allowing?

And what do you believe that the universe is fundamentally made up of? As a coach, when you meet a client you try to identify their values? Yes. What’s important to them? 

And we would ask you –  what are the values of the universe?

What does the universe value?

What is it like to hold that question?

How do you are you personifying the universe? Or are you making the universe perhaps absent, like an abandoning parent or a punitive authority?

Do you have your own personal relationship with Source?

Or are you all right on your own? Thank you very much. Yes. [Laughter]

How are you personifying the universe? Is a useful question to ask yourself when you’re thinking of your relationship with Source and your relationship with the non physical components of that which you are wanting to manifest.

Do you have to be good enough? Do you have to behave? Do you believe that as long as you’re in your integrity, you will be rewarded by the universe?

{Conversation moves onto a more personal topic}

The Ancients
Channeled by Cara Wilde

Listen to the audio version here

by The Ancients Channeled by Cara Wilde

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, how do you personify the universe? If at all? What are the light shadow gifts of an intrusive memory? 

What could you receive now that wasn’t available then?

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