Hey gorgeous

I hope this Love Note finds you safe and well. May you be held in Love this week. Here’s today’s message:

The gift of Hope.

Hope takes you beyond negative ego, into a world of possibilities but possibilities that are grounded in reality, not the stuff of escapism fantasies.

Fantasies have their place, they are ripe and rich with information but they are also filled with ideas and “stuff” that you don’t want to manifest, that you don’t really want to experience.

Hope, is powerful magic. It takes you to the edge of what’s possible from your current reality, and your system, right now needs to remember the validity of hope

It’s not arbitrary, it’s not naive. Hope is a powerful part of your life force energy. Hope can catapult you towards solutions you were blind to just a few seconds ago, when you were lambasted by your despair. Hope is powerful because you can access it from the depths of your emotional range. When in despair you can access hope; when you are numbing your pain, you can turn to hope as a friend. Have the ear of the wise. 

Don’t turn away from hope right now, instead turn into your hope and listen to its wise counsel.

You see, it’s your own hope, that’s a very intimate thing. It holds wisdom that’s personal to you, intimate to you. Hope helps you access courage that was always there, you’d just forgotten. That courage can then be the stepping stone for to you access the peace you desire.

And peace is enough in order to navigate and even transcend that which you are faced with right now.

Never give up your hope to anyone or anything, never disempower yourself that way. Get support, access the wisdom of your hope and then allow a new peace to begin to fill you.

We are with you, spirit is with you, a new harmony is attainable – whatever your starting point.

We love you.”


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