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I know we are all busy at this time of year, so here’s your options:

For those of you that are sloooowly reading this….

This is a potentially confusing time of the year for understanding how to best focus our energy. If you live in the Northern hemisphere then, rhythmically, you’re probably feeling the pull to slow down, release the old and start to cultivate new seeds for the new year. Culturally though you maybe feeling the pull of mass consciousness energy speeding up (even feeling chaotic) as people shop and plan their individual festive celebrations.

Then, already there is the invitation to plan for a bigger and better 2016.

Whilst none of this is wrong, it can be helpful to realise that it’s our own rhythm and preferences that need to have priority. It could be that this year you need to do something different to usual, slow down or speed up for example. Maybe you’d like to be more of a part of the festive celebrations this year, or maybe it’s a year for you to opt- out of Christmas altogether.

It’s important to remember that no-one understands your needs as much as you do. Just as your bio-chemistry is unique and no one diet suits all, your energetic needs are unique too and we all find our energetic balance in unique ways.

Personally, this year is different. I want to focus more on work at the moment with the exciting release of the channeling your guide course in early Jan, I’m re-focusing on the Pagan rhythm of this time of year and celebrating my new year at the Solstice, I’m having a couple of days of nothing-to-do-but-read-and-wear-pj’s – then back into focusing on my Soul’s goals for 2016. This is radically different for me but my flow time is speeding up. 

At the beginning of the month I ask Aurora what the flow is for the month, from their perspective. They always speak from a global perspective and offer what is the focus for the highest good of all. For December it was Forgiveness. With the energy of good will that is generated coupled with the potential for feelings of not good enough, isolation and feeling disconnected, the opportunity for forgiveness work fit. Also we are deep into the darkest days (in the north) and ripe for releasing that which no longer serves us.

Aurora spoke to me of the four steps to forgiveness and gave me a process for channeling a specific person in my life. This process is powerful and Aurora guides you to work with an energy that harmonises for the highest truth. When I did the process, the truth I heard transformed my perception of the relationship I was working on and released the other person’s energy from my energy field. You might know this as imprinting.

For the next 48 hours the audio is available free for you to download as a gift to say thank you for being a part of my journey for 2015.

Part 1 is the channeling on the four steps to forgiveness
Part 2 is their process for Forgiving someone.

I’d encourage you to listen to part one first as it will inform your experience of the process.  


Finally, play time! I have space for three slots this week for working with Aurora’s process to channel your Soul.

Contact me to chat some more about us working together or to book a slot.

Soul Alignment sessions

Ok ,that’s me done. Over to you….how are you choosing to end your year? I’d really enjoy hearing how you experienced the forgiveness process too.


Cara Wilde on Forgiveness


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