In order to align with these wonderful energies that are coming your way. You don’t have to be in complete alignment with your integrity and your truth, to know all aspects of being in any given moment. You don’t have to drop everything. You don’t have to drop everything and heal everything.

You can align piece by piece moment by moment.

The Ancients channeled by Cara Wilde.

Normally, anything about the impact of planetary alignments (including Mercury Retrograde) usually get a bit of an eye- ball roll from me. I’m not a fan of anything that is prescriptive about my future, because I create it all. I do pay attention to the Equinoxes because I feel those energies myself. I can be very wary of spiritual truths that are outside of my direct experience. Sometimes that serves me, sometimes it works against me. 

Can you relate?

So why am I channeling on the alignment of The Great Conjunction in Aquarius in Dec 2020? Because I felt the energies first. 
Initially I thought it was simply the equinox energies starting, but there was a different quality to this year. A faster pace in someway.

Then a client and friend told me about the potency of this alignment. Not only were Jupiter and Saturn aligning to create the so called Christmas Star, but they were aligning in Aquarius. This hasn’t happened for several hundred years, the last time being the start of the shift into our Renaissance period. 

Astrologers are calling this the start of the Age of Aquarius

Now that, combined with what my body was feeling, got my attention. 

I’ve included a link to a more detailed article, written by people who are far more knowledgeable than me. But my sense of the energies was enough for me to channel and allow The Ancients to talk about the importance of this alignment and how we can make best use of the energies that this portal is helping us to experience. 

This podcast is the result of that ask, it’s about 11 mins of The Ancients talking about aligning with the energies and the experiences that we might have. It includes:

  • What these energies are offering us individually and collectively.
  • The most important quality to align with
  • how to set your expectations 
  • how to do all of the above with deep self compassion.

I hope you find it useful. And whether you engage in a ceremony to connect with the alignment or simply lightly hold the intention as you go about your day I hope you experience delight and deep satisfaction for yourself. 

In Love


Link to article

Podcast Transcription

Hello, and welcome to episode 32 of the way the sensitive podcast. This podcast is a solo by the ancients. It’s a recording of a channeling. I did a couple of weeks last week. the focus is on the great conjunction in Aquarius. It’s a planetary alignment. That’s happened on the 21st of December.

And. It’s something that I wanted their opinion on. And when I received the channeling. I thought it’d be useful to share it with all of you. And before I explain what the great conjunction is. Let me just give you the caveat that astrology is not my area of expertise. In fact, you might be like me and I tend to bounce off anything that is prescriptive or future predicting in any way. But when a client of mine first told me about this intense planetary alignment, that’s going on. It really made sense of a lot of different energies that I was feeling. And I am, like many of you, quite sensitive to mass consciousness.

I’m also quite sensitive to equinoxes. And it’s not unusual for me to start feeling the murmurings of those shifts well before an equinox. So I was really curious. And wanted to know more. And the basic understanding that I have so far, and I have a link in the show notes to a far more thorough and accurate article that describes this in a more helpful way.

But basically Saturn and Jupiter are aligning. Throughout December and coming together in what astrology is a call in the Christmas star. That on itself is powerful enough, but the fact that it’s all happening in Aquarius has not happened for several hundred years.

In fact, the last time that this alignment  happened we saw a cultural shift into what we call the Renaissance period, that we call in the West of renascence period. So this alignment is all about collective shifts. It’s about individual alignment. But also collective shifts too. And it can quite often. Signify. shifting cultural norms, cultural focuses. And kind of, that’s what we need. Right? That’s where.

We’ve kind of been heading in 2020. And obviously they’re not saying that this alignment will mean that that will happen. But more it’s the start of the unfolding of something new for us as a collective. So go and read the article if you’re interested in knowing more and wanting more details.

But the, if you can hear children screaming in the background they are playing with their friends online.

  I wanted to see what the A’s said because they, they always help me. Stay focused on my own truth. What’s in my own best interest. And their focus is always on. Joy for self and joy for all. me being a beneficial presence in my own life. And also. A beneficial presence in the world, because that is my desire. So I wanted to get their perspective.

And what they talk about in this podcast is:

the most important focus if we want to align with these new energies.

How to allow the eye alignment in a way that works for you. So whether you relate, you know, you’ve got the time, the energy, the capacity, and the desire to do a deep dive. They cover that briefly.

But also, if you just want to, you know, You haven’t got the capacity for much else at the minute or  the time or the inclination, they show you how to gently set an intention to allow life, to show you and reveal to you. What’s needed.

And they also cover what the Ancients themselves as a collective desire for us in our globe.

And finally a really interesting, I think, perspective on the fact that we’re not here to save the planet, but how we can be a beneficial presence on this earth.

It’s only a short recording. It’s about 11 minutes long. I’m very aware of people’s capacity being limited right now. What I will say is that as I’ve been talking to peers and friends and colleagues and clients of mine about these energies that are happening at the moment. They can be quite chaotic. So personally I’d be feeling this.

I ended up having  little small, tiny accident and so I needed to rest for a while and I took that as an opportunity to really do some deep dive in and routing out of limiting beliefs and patterns that were no longer serving me. And that felt really right and appropriate. and then I found out about these energies coming. So I like to think I’m ahead of the game, but you know, never know.

So. And then at the same, and then also I’ve been feeling just a light and airy and wonderful and delighted. And it’s easy for me to hold a steady stream of positive intention, loving manifestations towards myself, focus in on, as the A’s would say, being delighted with who I am.

And I’m not the only one that’s experiencing that contrast. So if you are, maybe listen to this and see if it affirms some of your own direct experience. And just to let you know, you’re not on your own, there’s plenty of us that are experiencing some, what can feel like chaotic contrast but with this underlying faith and sense that it’s all unfolding perfectly. It’s all right. You know, we can feel extremes of emotion, but kind of feel quite grounded and centered in it.

So if that’s you, you probably been affected by these energies and  your desires for self, even at an unconscious level, probably connected with this portal. And so I’d encourage you to listen more. I am putting the link in the show notes and sending it out to my newsletter about a.

Alignment that I am doing a process that I’m doing with the ancients, a call. On the 21st of December to help us to connect with these energies and to do a clearing on things that might be getting in the way. I am feeling my way into that. So that’s the only details that I’ve got at the moment. I know what my intention is and yeah, so.

Keep checking back or see the show notes for details of how to get involved in that, if that interests you. So I will leave you to The Ancients, bye for now. 

All right. All right. Greetings. It is a pleasure to be here with you on this day. So the channel wanted to speak to us regarding The Great Conjuntion, the  planetary alignment that is occurring and has started to occurred. Movement has begun  there is

a clarity available to you individually and collectively

with the alignment of these planets, that act as a portal of access.

so this energy that’s being streamed through this portal has always been available to you. And at the same time is also more accessible right now. We don’t want you to think that you’re limited by planetary alignments, for you are grander than that, but also we want you to make use of, and accelerate your expansion, your ability to enjoy life

through aligning and making the most of the energies that are available to you on any given day. So that’s why we’ve agreed to, to speak with you today regarding this alignment,

the most beneficial quality to any of you right now, in order for you to experience a life that you want to experience, achieve your goals, your dreams, your ambitions, to be the beneficial presence in the world that you all so desperately want to be. And to be part of the change that you wish to see in the world, collectively, the quality that is most important to that is your integrity.

Integrity is a quality that can be used to punish yourself. Whenever we mentioned integrity, most people think, where am I out of alignment with it? What have I done wrong? Your integrity is simply your truth in motion.

Your truth in motion.

How are you living your truth? How are you living in alignment with your truth? And isn’t that multifaceted?

Truth is an interesting concept.

The multifaceted nature of truth. Is that if you’re denying any aspect of self, any part of self you’re reducing the amount of life force energy that’s available to you in any given moment. If you’re suppressing some anger, if you’re ignoring some hurt.

if you’re withdrawing from your desires and your ambitions, that takes a lot of energy. To be who you are not as a collective whole takes a great amount of your creative life force energy to suppress.

And the fear is, if you allow all that which you suppress you will be banished from the tribe, rejected in some way. So, you know, by now in your journey with us, that we look to closing the gap between your condition, habitual self and your true, wonderful granduer, your true glorious nature. And that’s always going to be a work in  progress.

So in order to align with these wonderful energies that are coming your way. You don’t have to be in complete alignment with your integrity and your truth, to know all aspects of being in any given moment. You don’t have to drop everything. You don’t have to drop everything and heal everything.

You can align piece by piece moment by moment.


for the majority of you, it will be self judgment that keeps you out of that quality,

a repulsion of some aspects of yourself.

the desires that are not supposed to want, the thoughts that you’re not allowed to think

the identity that you desire for yourself, but it’s not, who you think you are,

that, all of that.

That journey of rediscovery of your own magnificence, your own

relationship with the fun of your personality, the fun of your positive ego, the fun of your character, the fun of, you yourself, the fun of being that, the sense of adventure and play and wonderment that you can experience in life, in your life. Helping people with art is our favorite thing to do. And so, yes, we are obviously interested in the mass evolution of all of your humanity, but we’re really interested in just you too. Your life.

Big, small, all of it. All of you is welcome. And to be in integrity, you need to welcome all aspects of you too, to know your values, your strengths, the parts that you reject.

So yes, it may require some tending to wounds and we just mean being tender with hurt, scared and vulnerable parts of you yourself,

helping them know that they are totally safe, utterly safe, in a universe where you are deeply loved. Already cherished, already championed. Already desired and wanted. Sources next best thought. An important part of the divine blueprint. Once you get that, know your worth, know that you’re here for an adventure in your own relationship with consciousness, there’s no holding you back.

You’re here to enjoy yourself and life. Not to save the planet. But in beautiful alignment with source energy and unconditional love, the truth of the nature of your reality is such, that when you are in deep enjoyment of self and celebrating your strengths, living with an open heart, you cannot help, but be a beneficial presence on this earth.

And some of you are driven to transform that into work that you offer into the world. And that you’re rewarded for through monetary exchange and that’s to be celebrated too.

How to align with the energies that are coming your way and already here how to  bask in the delight that is available? To allow

those energies into your life?    Set the intention to gently align

with that portal. Set the intention. Trust your integrity. Become a curious about your relationship with the quality of integrity and then let live show you.

let life show you where you are already in alignment with your integrity. Let life show you where your work is.

It doesn’t have to be a big effort to align with this portal. The intention is enough to connect with the stream of Aquarius.

Expect it to be gentle. Expect it to be playful, expect it to be soulful.

You may have some resistance come up. Life will show you  parts of self that you don’t think are acceptable. If things become bumpy for a while –  past old woundings come up.

Just see them as tenderness.

See that as tenderness, just areas where you feel a little tender.

It may feel dramatic , the contrast between the delight of the new and the tenderness of some of your past may throw you into confusion and seemed dramatic. The contrast may seem quite dramatic, but that only happens when you’re believing the past.

Everything is unfolding perfectly. Allow yourself, time to rest, to replenish, and also allow yourself time to adventure and celebrate.

be delighted with yourself.

you are more than enough and more than capable and you are loved. And in love and peace, for now, we bid you farewell.

Okay. So I hope you experienced something valuable for yourself from that recording. And that channel, then please do feel free to email me, or leave comments on the podcast about how that impacted you, what your thoughts are. If you’ve got anything to add that you think might be beneficial for us, all.

And if you would like to join us on the collective call on the 21st to December, please do sign up in the box on the show notes. And hopefully I’ll see you then, but whatever, enjoy the energies and enjoy. Enjoy the 21st of December. May you know, that you’re always loved and may you always be held.

Bye for now.