I’m so excited that this conversation is the first episode for the new show!

Jackie Stewart is a good friend of mine and one of my fave people on this planet. She’s my go-to person for all things plant essences and working with the spirit of the land.

Just listening to this podcast will radically shift your understanding of nature spirits.Jackie embody’s her message in a way that just allows you to soak up the information really easily.

I bet just listening to this podcast starts to open some portals into nature spirits for you.

Topics coveredHow the origins of flower enesences is linked to LemuriansHow the origins of flower

  • How the origins of flower essences is linked to Lemurians
  • How flower essences can support sensitives
  • The empowered choice we can make as legislation and regulations tighen up on the use of essences and herbs
  • How to connect with a plant – including a life demonstration of my Marks and Spencer’s plant!
  • How to recognise our plant allies  – honestly its like a love affairs the way Jackie describes it.
  • How to reconnect to untamed nature in a way that works for you and your unique situation
  • How to belong with nature


Free gifts from Jackie to connect with your heart

Brilliant blog post on flower essences for HSP’s

Online test for HSP’s

You’re going to love this episode!

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Jackie Stewart is a Soul Alchemist who uses flower and crystal essences, energetic processes and 17 years of experience to help people transform their lives. For as long as she can remember people have told her that they feel like she can see their Souls. When she works she holds a heart space for clients so they can heal, release and transform whatever stops them from living their life with joy, love, presence, purpose and peace.



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