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On today’s post I’ve included a free audio process from Aurora, its down at the bottom if you are feeling impatient! Otherwise read on for some background information.

Have you ever wondered what vibration you are actually imprinting in physical reality? Aurora calls it our

Core Tone Frequency.

It’s our habitual emotional state that we tend to gravitate towards and provides the foundation tone of the reality we are creating.

Some people might call it our attitude, mood or general approach to life.

We are habitual creators. We are designed to live on automatic most of the time. We couldn’t function if we had to pay attention to every single action that we needed to take to survive, never mind thrive, in physical reality. However, we are also designed to live in the Now, to be mindful and present to our thoughts and feelings moment by moment so that we can actively choose the frequency we desire.

That’s how we become deliberate creators and not, as Aurora calls it;

Wannabe Manifestors!

But how many of us pay attention to how we are really feeling? Or find ourselves numbing our feelings with food, alcohol, TV viewing, Facebook scrolling or something similar?

If we don’t know how we are really feeling, then it gets harder to know what we are creating and our physical reality feels confusing. “Where’s my stuff??!!!” ok, so the stuff bit is a joke, but seriously, there can be some spiritual shame that goes on whenever we feel anything other than HAPPY (slap a smile on your face and get your vibe high baby!). Then denial sets in.

[inlinetweet prefix=”Recognise the truth of your resonance” tweeter=”@Cara_Wilde” suffix=””]”Don’t live in denial of how you are really feeling. Love yourself enough to recognise the truth of your resonance right now” Aurora~Wilde[/inlinetweet]


We develop an intimate relationship with ourselves and therefore our reality, when we truly know what we are thinking and feeling. Anything else is avoidance. And that’s ok, we all do it but it gets in the way of creating the life we desire.

A Core Tone Frequency of regret will create a very different reality to one of joy.

Obviously we are all going to experience different emotions throughout our day, but as Joe Dispenza talks about in his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” we can become chemically addicted to certain emotional states and do whatever we can, unconsciously, to recreate that state day after day after day.

In this free recording. Aurora talks about the importance of knowing your Core Tone, how to recognise it (do you hang out at guilt, anger, peace…) and then a toning process for shifting your Core Tone into a higher vibration. Authentically.

I actually tone in this channeling. Not something I woke up planning to do, I can assure you.

Personally, this was a powerful channeling for me. I awakened to my own core tone frequency and, to be honest, I was surprised to discover what it was. It made perfect sense once I knew, and I can honestly say that I started making different decisions the next day. The toning shifted that stuck vibration. I’m being more mindful of my choices until my new core tone is habitual.  

It’s powerful stuff and you might want to wait until you are on your own to listen to it.

Discover your core tone frequency

You can now find this free audio on the start here page.

In love and with light

Cara Wilde helps you discover your core tone frequency


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