Private Channeled Consultations

For visionaries who want to live a life well loved;

with a huge side order of Joy.



When your intuition seems to be playing hide and seek and you have more questions than answers, life can become really frustrating, really quickly.

And if you have an important life choice to make, or can’t seem to find your way out of a difficult situation, sometimes the solution needs to be something unique and out of the box.

And sometimes, it takes an intervention which bypasses the need for multiple conversations, reading multiple self help books. Something that gets to the core of the issue.

And that’s where a channeled session can be really helpful and powerful.



What is channeling and what are you getting into?


Channeling is simply the ability to connect with non physical energy and translate into words and practical guidance.  I’ve developed the skills that allows my guide’s energy stream to blend with mine and to speak through me directly to someone else. I enter a channeling state and “become” my guide The Ancients.


As the Ancients, I’m then able to read your personal energy field and tap into The Field for information from the past, futures, parallel lives, your Soul and much more. (some people call this The Akashic Records)


The uniqueness I bring to the channeling process is my 30 years training and experience in the world of personal and spiritual development. My guides uses my professional training as a counsellor and energy therapist,  and spiritual experiences to help explain complex metaphysical principles in a clear and straightforward way.


I too am “blown away” by the power of your readings, and by your and your guide’s energy. I’ve heard many channels over the years, and I can honestly say you are one of the most powerful and clearest channels I know….. you will touch the lives of so many people who need exactly what you and they are offering.

John Cali

Channel, Spirit Speaks

What IS unique about The Ancients is their focus upon your Point Of Perfect Potential, the areas of your life that held the greatest potential for growth and progress in your goals.

In most channeled sessions, The Ancients offers guidance about a point of perfect potential before the client says a word!


My guide’s focus has always been to support people in living their most authentic, joy-filled life.


The channeling was amazing, unlike any I’ve had before. It was thorough, precise and extremely accurate. It showed me how far I’ve come in both physical healing and spiritual growth and reassured me about my future path. I am truly inspired to look for, to create, my highest possible future. Thank you SO much!

Glynis Wozniak

Actor / Director, Glynis Wozniak

Who are The Ancients?


Some of you may know that I originally started my professional journey as a channel with a non physical collective called Aurora. They first connected with me when my partner and I were meditating one evening. I have since transitioned into working with another collective called The Ancients (you can hear all about my transition here)

The Ancients message has always been that life is supposed to be joyful and that when we live authentically, life flows from us with grace and ease. 

The Ancients tell me that they are part of the original intention for the manifestation of physical reality. That they are here to help us to re-member Lemuria. 

Life is far too important to be taken seriously!

I  channel for my personal play and growth and relish the expansive experiences that come with channeling for others. The Ancients are my “over-seer” guide and it is mainly them that I channel. On some occasions other streams come through the portal that The Ancients provides, most of the time this is for validation and confirmation.

Some examples of this from past sessions are:

  • The energy stream of someone’s pet that has transitioned in order to release the owners feeling of grief and guilt.
  • A client father’s energy which had a profound impact on how the client viewed her relationship with her father and gave the opportunity for deep forgiveness work and peace around the relationship.
  • Someone’s teenage self acting as a mirror so that they can recognise when they are living their life from this aspect of themselves and choose to respond differently.
  • Clients own guides sometime speak through me.
  • A guide or energy stream that specifically supports the clearing of twin flame issues in a relationship

One of the most exciting aspects of being a channel is the thrill of the unknown.

Until I am in the channeling state and information starts to flow, I never know what is going to happen. I feel fully alive.

The Ancients will answer any questions, there are no out of bounds topics and no question is too silly.

Here are some areas that tend to be a focus for people:

  • Unearthing family and cultural programming (beliefs) that are blocking you from your dreams.
  • Supporting you in identifying unhealed issues or relationships that are stuck in your emotional body.
  • Finding a Soul mate and kindred spirits (The Ancients tend to let you know which group of friends are aligned with your Soul).
  • Clarity in your purpose, chosen mission and how to express your unique skills, talents and in meaningful and satisfying work.
  • Your soul’s purpose for this lifetime and how information that you have gathered along previous lifetimes may inform this current one.
  • Reality Creation tools. How to create a reality that reflects your wildest dreams.


My guides do not offer predictions, they will offer the most probable outcome based on your current choices.

They can see your reality from a place that is beyond time and space,so they can tell you the likely result of your choices. They also recognise the power of choice, free will and probabilities and so can offer “course correct” guidance if you have strayed away from your intended path.

Nothing is written in stone, and there are decisions and choices available in each moment of Now that can dramatically change the reality that you are creating for yourself in the future. The Ancients can help you pinpoint the highest choice available to you right now.

The Ancients hold the intention to answer your questions from the highest vantage point, that of your Soul and your intentions for this lifetime.

I’d been curious about a channeling session for a long time, but was hesitant to buy because I wasn’t sure I had a “good enough” reason to. The price was of course a consideration, because I wanted it to count when I make an investment like this. In the end I made the decision to buy when I’d just reached a significant goal and wanted to get guidance for the next steps.
The most important positive outcome for me was the validation and confirmation – and the reminder – I received about the magic in my own work. The difficulties around how to move forward and how to be visible immediately shifted into enthusiasm and eagerness to go out there and spread the word, once they tapped into the magic and joy I feel about my work but that had gotten buried under other things.
There were also some personal issues that were touched upon, that shifted in a different way. After the session I found myself reacting differently in family situations, and it feels like there’s much more uncovering to do there, now that some more awareness has been found. I’m sure the recording will also yield much more when I get back to it!
I think your work is truly valuable. I never had a doubt, but now that I have first-hand experience I wouldn’t hesitate doing it again if need arises. It was also surprisingly easy to talk the A’s, I didn’t feel self-conscious or otherwise weird at all, which must also speak about your skills as a channel.
Anni Laine

Music Therapist,

Is this right for you?


A session with The Ancients is for you if:


You’re really curious about what your Soul wants you to know, what you had planned for this lifetime and/or what’s the highest view of your life right now. Honestly, curiosity is enough.

You want to hear the wider perspective of your life, get clarity about your current challenges and practical steps for moving through them

You want to go deeper and find out what planetary system you are from, recieve messages from your collective “homies” and receive upgrades and information from “home”

You want to understand more about your natural gifts and abilities and know how to shine your light brighter in the world (aka your brilliance)

You are skilled in supporting yourself but need to know what areas to focus upon or understand your unconscious motivations/blocks etc.

You are a healer, channel or work as a skilled helper and would like support in your professional development or work

You want to know more about your own guides, to connect with them or deepen your connection.

You want to understand more about your soul contracts, heal relationships or attract a new relationship.

You’re completely stuck in your life, nothing is happening. Nada. You have dreams and want to know how to allow them into your experience.

You’ve arrived at this page, not really knowing why. Part of you thinks you’re crazy, but it just feels right.

This list is not exhaustive and I would keep you here way too long if I listed the diverse range of subjects and areas that my guides have given guidance on over the years.

Cara is an amazingly clear channel, her guides have bought such insight and wisdom and so many Ahaaaa! moments.

Speaking with Aurora is so valuable to gain a deeper and broader perspective when I get stuck in a limited perception, I always leave with a feeling of liberation. I feel truly blessed to have such profound council available to me.

Johanna Graham

Jazz Singer, Johanna Graham

My guides also offer processes in a session if that is appropriate.

Some examples from past sessions are:

  • Spontaneous connections with a new guide
  • Activating a conscious connection with client’s Soul
  • Inner child integration work
  • Connection with Soul family
  • Parallel life connection to integrate a new self image
  • Energetic upgrades

So, in your session, feel free to ask for anything!

If you want to know if a session can help you with your own unique circumstances then, give me a shout via email and I’ll be happy to advise you.

What’s most surprising for new clients is how at ease they feel with the Ancients straight away. I notice it too. If you are a sensitive or empath you will feel their energy as they connect with you. Some people have noticed a connection starting as soon as they have booked a session. Some clients experience my guide’s guidance through their dreams.

My guides always says that, once they have connected with someone, they are always available for guidance.

Sessions with The Ancients


Sessions last approximately 1 hour (but I recommend that you allow for 90 mins as my guides work in cycles of completion rather than linear time!)

Many clients choose to take time after a session to go for a walk or rest to allow the channeling to integrate.

A lot can happen in one hour with The Ancients.


Price £222



Includes mp3 of session.

I highly recommend to clients that they listen to their session many times as The Ancients work in layers. As one aspect of the message is integrated, more information seems to become available. It’s amazing that clients who do listen again say that they have received further guidance from the same session.

I came across the video “can guides predict your future” at a time when I was feeling really, really STUCK. It was such a clear explanation of how guides can help and clicked with me.

I’ve always thought channeling was a bit “spooky” and had that kind of “don’t mess with the unknown” fear. For me, being able to watch some of the videos beforehand was a great way in to see how sane and “safe” and fascinating it was. Completely normalised it!

It was a brilliant experience. Can’t wait to have another session!

Cara is so grounded and so emotionally intelligent. It felt completely safe, supportive and positive. The guides are so engaging. I felt so understood and there’s no judgement. Everything is still a choice, so it’s a completely empowering experience.

The most thrilling part was realising the potential in my life, recognising what’s possible. Like rediscovering that sense of possibility you have as a child and don’t even realise you’ve lost!

I know, for sure, I will want to work with you to meet my own guide.


Cornwall, UK