Hey gorgeous

I’m trying something new with the channelings, here’s the one from The Ancients and below you can find a transcript of their guidance too.

You can print it of and highlight the parts you want to remember on a daily basis as a touchstone to feeling empowered.

I’m really enjoying their vibe, and in private sessions people tell me that The Ancients are clear, powerful and have a laser sharp precision in their guidance.

On this audio, they ask to merge with your energy, to connect with you on the inner realm and to help you use the raw materials of reality creation.

Learn how to

  • Access peace in your now
  • Use your body as an interface between non physical and physical reality
  • create a foundation for building anything new in your life
  • utlise the most effective tool of reality creation



Here’s a transcript with download.

Download (PDF, 237KB)





In Love,

Cara Wilde channels on a nourishing life



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