A surprising way to co-regulate


Something landed in my inbox today and made me think of you.

The topic was nervous system regulation.

Specifically, Self regulation.

The email was from Sounds True, I haven’t listened to the episode but it was an interview about the need for co-regulation and interdependence.

And it got me thinking.

My old job as an addictions specialist taught me a lot about dependency and co-dependency. In fact, we never used the term addictions, instead I was trained in a social, biological and psychological model of drug and alcohol use.

We all “depend” on something or someone, noone is designed to be totally self reliant. That’s an out play of the unhealthy aspects of individualism. Inter-dependance is the healthy form of co-dependancy.

With the work of Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Stephen Porgess and Resmaa Menakem et al, we also understand the importance of nervous system regulation for navigation stress and the resolution of trauma.

But, just as the Sounds True article was alluding to, we aren’t designed to self regulate all the time. We’re designed to co-regulate.

For me, this is a step towards the unity consciousness that many of you who are on my email list are really interested in.

The vagus nerve, radiant circuits (a type of meridian) and our mental health are all designed to be in relational space with other people.


So what is co-regulation?


Let me give you an example.

When one of my teens is struggling to regulate their own nervous system, for example when they are experiencing high activation (anxiety) I bring my regulation (calm) into our relational field (space between us) and allow my nervous system to act as a tuning fork to theirs.

Because I am a nervous system that they trust, they listen to my low, slow and soft voice tone, but more importantly my nervous system can guide them to their own regulation.

One person’s nervous system can guilde another person’s nervous system home to deep presence.

I’m not saying that anything other than calm is wrong, we are far more complex than that and co-regulation is not easy, but there is an inner state of resourcefulness available to us when we aren’t knocked out of our own centre or balance because of external events.

Since I learned about the nervous system language and trained in it about 4 years ago, I’ve honed my ability to teach them self regulation. As someone who experienced C-PTSD I’ve also learned to increase my own capacity for self regulation.

As I speak to my peers, friends and colleagues, I understand that it’s not just the isolation resulting from the pandemic that impedes our ability to co-regulate (ie provide each other with a warm and supportive space where our authenticity can unfold) but also our struggle to trust in others.

Because of the divisive nature of the past 18 months, more and more of us are becoming highly selective about the people we invite into our relational field (ie our energy space) in an intimate way.

Navigating relationships in this way is also filled with new skills. Skills that I think our culture desperately needs to focus on. Relating to each other (and ourselves) with extra-ordinary kindness and respect, resolving conflict in win:win ways and processing our unresolved trauma is a multi-layered skill set.

Dealing with conflict goes way beyond non violent communication skills. I’ve actively lived the concept of finding wins wins for years now but the challenges we face now are calling on all of us to develop new skills and understandings. I’m constantly learning.

But one  surprising core skill that’s helped me the most, and one that I see many of my students, friends and colleagues use for learning co-regulation is channeling.

Let me explain with some backstory

I kinda joke that I was raised by spirit. Born into significant violence,  turbulence and chaos I never really fully landed in physical reality and kept my communication channels with the non physical wide open.

I have vivid memories of sitting in my cot looking up at my “bubble of friends” I’d see smiling faces and feel love from that bubble. I’m pretty sure that’s mainly how I survived my early childhood.

Then in my teens I made more conscious connection with the non physical via tarot, giving psychic readings and training in mediumship etc. I learned parental wisdom from guides and unseen helpers that my own parents didn’t have the capacity to teach.

When I began to channel about 11 years ago, that re-parenting by spirit took on a whole other level and dimension (literally) Channeling totally changed my life, took me deeper into my authenticity, taught me about embodiment and helped me to regulate my nervous system.

Can you imagine the impact of having a being who loved you UNCONDITIONALLY as a tuning fork??!?! I joke that I healed the majority of my co-dependency with Aurora. I used to argue with them, stamp my feet and try to pull them into endless loops of drama triangle at times 😉 They weren’t having any of it.

Aurora, just like The A’s now (and any other high level being that I connect with) never budged from their own truth and their ability to love me. Ultimate tuning fork.

The A’s now are my “parents” when I struggle to parent myself. Parenting isn’t exactly the right term. But when I can’t self regulate, connecting with The A’s is the first thing that I do. I absolutely still need other humans in my life and have friends that I trust completely.

But, a not very often talked about aspect of channeling, lays beyond the guidance that you can receive and instead becomes about the complete immersion in Divine Love you can experience to be reminded that

We are loved
We are utterly, utterly safe
And that All is Truly Well.

Our connection with the Divine love of our guides, higher selves or Soure energy is the ultimate in co-regulation

I look at it like this. Each individual needs to plug into their own Source if Divine Love, just like you plug your electric car into charge, then we are topped up, we go out into the world more able to interact with each other from that place of inner Divinity,

Where we see the divine, the beloved in everyone and everything.

Well, that’s the plan 😉

I still experience road rage  😉 and my own inner parent tells me that part of my is loved too.

Channeling is one way of connecting with that Divine Love and topping our selves up.

I still use EFT, talking to friends, journaling, working out, talking to stone circles and ocean swimming to express myself too….we are born to engage in this world in ways that light us up…but channeling is my go to for most things.

The most important thing to remember is, we aren’t designed to do life all alone and we get to choose who we allow into our space.

For me its a practical combination of my IRL friends to share my life with, my  “internet and lives elsewhere” friends who are brilliant at co-creating relational spaces for depth and belly laughs, and non physical beings via channeling, stone circle work etc.

It all works and all blends together as one support system. 

Feeling connected to ourselves and others is crucial for ending co-depedency and addictions and for feeling fulfilled. And it’s not easy. Our very culture is designed to keep us disconnected and feeling lack.

Developing a relationship with the non physical is powerful way to develop connection, whether that’s through a connection with nature, your guides, higher self or some other connection to Source energy.

Take time to plug in and co-regulate. 

If channeling is something that you are interested in, there’s now a private group to compliment my own channel your guide course so that we can support and encourage each other and to also share information that we are bringing through from other dimensions.

I’d love to see you in there.


In Love


Guides. Help. Now.

Guides. Help. Now.

Sometimes I wish I had my life more together, and then sometimes I remind myself that messy is normal and perfection is media, marketing driven unachievable insanity. 

I’m normal.

Even if I do talk to non-physical beings.

So, you ever had a moment when you thought.  I can’t do this!?

Do you have that thought more when you are slightly sleep deprived?

Does a new moon and full moon affect your sleep no matter what your sleep hygiene is like?

Yes? RIght pull up a chair, I think I can help you…..

2 hours sleep. 3am and the New Moon had me wired. So I got up.

Oh the peace, 4am the birds. Fresh morning air. Bliss

Thank you moon for waking me up.

Roll forward to 3pm.

Not so blissful. 

Children refusing, well anything.
One child having a meltdown, sensory overwhelm and anxiety.
Plans have gone to pot.
I need a nap.
Work deadlines calling

I’m tired. Very. Now cursing said moon that I adored earlier.

Laid in bed, too wired to sleep and listening to the thoughts that tell me I can’t do this.

“Look at my choices. I can’t believe that I’ve penned myself in with all my choices, this is never going to work. It’s so hard. So so hard.”

In reality, it’s a blip, a moment in time when things don’t go according to plan, but tiredness gripped logic by the throat and that’s when all emotional resistance can come into play. 



It’s me again 😉

Can you help me to resolve this issue?

(I ask this a lot, it’s a technique I teach in my channeling course but bare with me, I’ll tell you how to do it too)

So, I do my thing with my guides. 

Then there is burning deep in my groin, I can feel the energy of my root chakra intensify. I stay with it. I know this process inside out. I know it works.

More burning.

I repeat my technique for about 15- 20 mins. To the outsider I look like I’m laid in bed trying to sleep, but there is a lot going on inside..

And then, that’s it. 

The fear and resistance is gone

I get an alert coming up on my app from a blogger I haven’t heard from in about 5 years who I know ran a business and home educated her kids. 

I’d felt the shift in me. Reality confirmed it immediately and I got out of bed knowing that I’ve got this! 

I came down to a different reality. I was working in the living room, I had happy kids again who were into their own creativity and all was well in the world.

and this is life right?

We have blips and moments and some last a very long bloody time. And having my guides as part of my toolkit transforms my day.

So how to do this yourself.

If you are in my channel your guide program, you already know and it’s a case of practice and ask, ask, ask.

If you aren’t in my course, here’s some tips:

  • Get close to your guide. Meet, greet then get to know really, really well. I call this taking them out on the road. Talk to them all the time. Relationship is key.
  • Energetically blend with your guide. Don’t just do it on the mental realm, invite them into your body – once you have the trust thing going on.
  • Pick something you want to heal, an emotional state, a belief, something physical and ask
  • BLend with your guide and ask them to heal or I always ask them to “resolve this issue”
  • Set the intention that this is going to transform and surrender the way that needs to happen
  • And then get very self aware, very very honest and self reflective.  It’s useful to use similar principles to EFT for assessing your success with this process. Rate the intensity of your issue from 0-10. 10 is the worst it could be. If it’s a belief 10 would be that the belief is absolutely true. Do the process and then assess again. 

Here’s some possible outcomes.

Nothing, it feels like nothing is happening. (Do it again)

The issue shifts. It’s done and gone. 

You become aware of the next layer of this issue and work layer by layer until it’s resolved. This might take a few mins, a few hours, or weeks, days, months. 

Aurora first showed me this process and then I learned that Gary Craig has shifted from traditional EFT to Optimal EFT which looks very similar to what Aurora taught me. 

You don’t have to believe in this process for it to have an effect. Just have a go.

Please do note, this is obviously a very brief overview. If you don’t get results, don’t criticise yourself or the process, give it a chance or move onto something else. The ease of the shift I felt on the day I describe is a result of years of doing this with my guides. I still have my blind spots too, it’s all a journey 😀 

Do you do anything similar or have tried this and would be willing to share your experience? 

I’d love to hear more.

In love

PS. We need guides support on the day to day stuff of life, it’s rarely for the big dramas. If you’d like to meet your guide, or deepen your connection, you’ll find all you need in my course. Find out more here.

How working with the energy of your guides affects your life.

How working with the energy of your guides affects your life.

Hey Gorgeous,

Today’s video relates to changes  in my channeling since I heard Aurora say “our work is complete” 

How that freaked me out and how you might use my learning in your own relationship with your guides, channeling and co-creating with Source.

Honestly, you don’t have to be able to verbally channel your guide or even mentally communicate with them for the relationship to have a huge impact on your life.

There is a really simple way to allow their energy to affect yours.


If you do want to experience a channeled session, I have two slots available next week. Find out more and book here.


In a few days, I’ll be sending out information about the Authentic Body mentorship packages.

As always,
In love

Cara Wilde


E.T’s, Aliens and Ghost’s oh my!

E.T’s, Aliens and Ghost’s oh my!

Hey Questers,

Have you ever wondered who and what is possible to channel?

Or even wondered what’s the difference between ghosts, ET’s, high-level guides etc?

On today’s video I explain how different beings emerge from different dimensions, my own experiences with ghost’s and ET’s and how Aurora explains it all.



If you’ve had any of your own personal experiences, then I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

In love and peace

Cara Wilde


It’s not woo. It’s real.

It’s not woo. It’s real.

Hey Questers!

I’ve just finished sharing this in the free facebook group, and thought it important to share with you guys too. Its not perfect, it just came spilling out and it’s a longish post. I’m hoping that if you stay with it, it will awaken something within you too…..

Just finished a personal session with Aurora.
Not channeling as in verbally speaking but working with them on an energy level.
What a shift! This is why I’m passionate about channeling and teaching people how to channel.

Working directly with Aurora (not just mentally working with guides) has been my way to reclaim my authenticity, how my Soul wants to expresses herself in this lifetime. Channeling Aurora has freed me from conditioning and imprints that I had no idea were there.

This is after years of working and training in the fields of psychology and energy healing. Understanding human behaviour, why we do what we do, was just the first step. Being able to see through the fog of the mental/emotional/physical realms by directly working with the REAL realm, the realm of the non physical is life changing.

It pains me sometimes to hear this field being described as Woo and some of the New Age bullshit out there truly does insult me and my experiences.

The physical is the realm of illusion, we are so much more than that, so much more. We are powerful creator beings, only just starting to tap into the potential of what we are capable of. I have no doubt that Jesus turned water into wine by his Faith in intention and ability to manipulate the field.

Master teachers of manifestation were and are simply showing us what we are capable of. We are learning to expand and grow into our capacities.

Channeling has been my step into that. Aurora has told me and shown me some Wilde (ha!) stuff. John of God humbled me, my arrogance was shattered.  Reiki taught me that I am one with the field of physical existence.

Six Years ago, I thought I was awake, I thought I was grounded. Channeling Aurora truly woke me up and truly helped me to land in physical reality. Walking with a foot in both worlds is an art and a gift to our planet. I see many of my mystic friends navigating this pathway with grace and to call that woo is insulting.

I remember when I first came across the word woo-woo in the spiritual community and it threw me for a while. I saw people use it as a way of almost apologising for their desires to experience the realm of the non physical, to connect with their unseen friends, to communicate with nature.

I’m not aiming criticism here, I understand the tentativeness of this kind of exploration. It’s not like we are taught about it in schools, in fact, school is where we unlearn this natural part of ourselves. It’s also been deemed the realm of the mentally ill, the crazys of this world. Here in the Western world anyway. I understand the fear of persecution, ridicule or rejection.

But here’s the thing.

Living and working at the level of energy is our evolution, our way forward and I have no idea what that will look like or even what that means, but that’s what Soul Quester’s is about. I thought I was creating it, creating The Soul Quester’s Way, but it’s been creating me all along.

So expect more sharings  from me about living at this realm, of unplugging from mass consciousness and creating anew.

We are here to create a new way, to create new thoughts, new structures and a new way of being in physical reality.

If the way you are living in this world doesn’t feel right to you, if you feel like you don’t belong, like the world doesn’t make sense, then maybe you are a Soul Quester too. Maybe you are here to create a new way of living, a new pathway.

You don’t have to convince anyone else. That’s not the way of a Soul Quester. We walk side by side, respecting all paths and staying true to our own.

As a tribe we are connected. Even if you feel alone, you’re not. Our roots reach deep into the Earth and together we form a collective underground network that can nourish us and help us stand tall. We are the web weavers, the magic makers and we find each other everywhere.

Soul Questers can go by many names, Lightworkers, empaths, sensitives, Aspies etc but there are common traits. Most simply put, a Soul Quester is one who has awakened to the realm of the non physical, who is focused upon living in integrity, joy and love. Co-creating a heaven on earth won’t feel like a mission but rather a natural unfolding of the balance they have cultivated within themselves.

As within so without. 

If you’ve made it all the way down this post, thank you! I know your bandwidth and time are precious right now.

I sincerely hope that my sharing here has awakened a passion within you, or added to fuel to one that is already alive.

If you resonated with this or have any thoughts you’d like to share then I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below.

This is the start of my book, co-written with Aurora called The Soul Questers Way. I’ll be sharing more as I go along. (Its just started this morning!).

As always, in love and peace


Cara Wilde



How to release your fear and actually enjoy communicating with spirit guides

How to release your fear and actually enjoy communicating with spirit guides

Hi beautiful,

FAIR WARNING : A long post follows. Grab a cuppa, curl up and enjoy.

In this post you will learn:

  • How to transform your fears and doubts about channeling.
  • How to make sure you align with the best fit guide for you.
  • How to tell the difference between your thoughts and your guide’s message.
  • The best technique I know to strengthen your connection to your guide.

I’m so passionate about airing this subject and sharing perspectives. It’s the number one factor that prevents amazing and beautiful souls from having the experience of channelling they desire, from sharing their channeling with others or even from trying in the first place.

Let’s stop that shall we?

Imagine the wisdom and insights, the shifts that would occur if more people channeled? What a pool of collective wisdom; the perceptions of non physical combined with the experiences of physical life.

Lemuria anyone?

One thing I really want you to know before we continue, without this as a foundation understanding, the rest of what I am going to say won’t work.

It’s okay to have fears and doubts…..[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]

perfectionism is not a prerequisite for attempting anything in life, and that’s true for channeling too.



It does get easier to discern and trust



So, now you understand that fears and doubts are a normal part of the process, here’s something else important to recognise. Your fears and doubts will have a positive intention. Mostly they will be trying to keep you safe in some way, so rather than being frustrated with your fears, be gentle and even grateful that you have an internal team on your side.

They are simply aspects of you, needing some reassurances. It can be useful to listen to those fears and doubts, not all of them are irrational. As you practice discernment and develop your skills those fears will diminish.

You transform fears by listening, accepting and loving them.

Will my head start spinning like a crazy possessed thing??!!!

Cara Wilde discusses fears and doubts about channeling

Ok, so that is a  little irrational and most probably born from horror films. However, it does point to a real concern that many people have when they begin to channel which is “Will I loose control” and “Will something “bad” take me over?

I’ve had my own personal battle with this; there is no bad or evil, only fear and everything is a friend.

Aurora was very clear that I was in control of the connection at all times. Everything was at the speed I decided, I was always fully in control of my energy system and I could decide when, where and how I wanted to connect. It was all up to me. It will be the same with you. You are in charge of your energy system and here are four key points to consider.



Set your intention


When you prepare to connect with a guide, setting your intention to work with a high level, teacher guide is a powerful way to declare what is acceptable to you and what your boundaries are. Your intention will shoot out a stream of desire into the non physical, and the guide who resonates with that desire responds.

You can choose the intention that works for you. Some people set the intention that they connect with Love, open to Love, the angelic realm, a particular archetype or master guide. Use words and language that resonate for you and feel right.

After all my experiences, I’m convinced that there are many, many guides, teachers, helpers, in the non physical, that are so happy and enthusiastic about supporting us, helping us to accept more love, joy and abundance in our lives. Really it’s more a question of how much can you allow yourself to open up to?

How much love can you let in?

Sometimes when I’m channeling, the amount of love feels overwhelming, and I’m pretty sure I’m only scratching the surface.

I always joke with my clients that they should go for the Creme de la creme. If you are going to work with a guide, you want the best! Although I am joking, there is an important point here; allow yourself the optimum experience. Which takes me to my next point;


Choose the right person and material to work with


If you are using a book, course or one to one support in connecting with your guide, I highly recommend that you choose someone who has taken the journey themselves and who sees both themselves and you as the multidimensional beings you are.  No one is superior to another.

Its important that who you choose to work with believes this too.  I recently supported someone in connecting to and blending with their guide. This client had worked with guides before, but in the environment of a spiritualist church and developing mediumship skills. She hadn’t blended energetically with a guide before and always experienced them as separate to herself. As she connected with the guide, she exclaimed that she had never connected with such a loving guide or had such a clear connection.  She did not know such a high vibration was available to her.

I want to be clear here. This client could have connected with this vibration before. Its perfect that she didn’t, but her experience is due to the mindset I SOMETIMES come across in spiritual training.  In my experience of working in spiritualist churches and mediumship training (brief though it was – I got out of there pretty quick) there was a limited perception of what we are all capable of. The general attitude was that most people could connect to spirit, that is, the personality aspect of someone who had died. But that connecting with teacher guides (what I refer to as beings with expanded awareness) is reserved for special, gifted people.

That’s simply not true anymore and it’s a crazy environment to be in. The message is;  you can do this really exciting, out of the box thing that you have been just DY_ING to do for years. You are encouraged and supported but there’s also this invisible, unspoken limit. A ceiling on your abilities and if you dare to break through this, that’s your ego. That’s not ego, that’s growth.

Get yourself quality support. Someone who knows you are a magnificent, creator being and is not threatened by the idea that your abilities and skills could grow at a faster rate than theirs.

Moving on…..


Do I need protection? White Light? A violet flame? To cast a circle? Use crystals?


Honestly, I haven’t felt the need to energetically protect myself for a long time, with anything other than my own intention.  This is a really personal decision and it’s about what you are comfortable with. There’s no right or wrong here. If you believe that you need it, then it’s best that you do work in that way. If over time it feels natural to let that drop away and simply trust your intention, then do that.

Personally, I don’t think we need protection, I think the intention is enough. I trust that. But I’m also a big believer in alignment and trusting your own needs. If I was ever in a position where I thought I needed energetic protection, that not doing it could leave me too vulnerable, I’d do it in a flash. I wouldn’t need anyone else’s permission. I also believe that vulnerability and self trust is beautiful and I’m willing to meet my fears and transform them.

Its completely up to you. Your choice. Just remember that you really do create it all, and that includes the beings or guides that you believe you will connect with. Another beautiful benefit of channeling is the increase in self trust you will experience.


You have a say


It’s your sacred space and you are in full control of the connection. When I teach people to channel, initially they meet their guide in the mental realm with time to communicate at that level. This allows any fears to be discussed and soothed and also allows people to really know that they have a choice. Think of it this way, if you went to a social gathering and met someone there who you didn’t resonate with or who really irritated you, would you then invite them to your house? Nope. Your energy system is like your house and you only invite in the beings that you want to chat with.

Everyone I have taught so far has felt an incredible amount of love and joy and has easily recognised that it was the right guide for them.  There are usually ripples of recognition, as if they have worked with this guide before, or been THEIR guide in another lifetime.


How do I know the messages are not just my imagination or my ego?


The million dollar question!! I get asked this one so, so many times. Mostly it comes with practice. But there are some brilliant techniques to support you.

The biggest help for me in this area was asking Aurora for their unique feeling tone to be expressed in my body.  It sort of feels like one specific aspect of my personality, but with something else added. I get a rush of excitement and pure bliss mixed with a playful energy. It’s distinctly an Aurora vibe. If you already work with a guide, I invite you to ask them for their unique feeling tone and notice what happens. If it’s subtle, ask them to amplify it.

At the beginning, to strengthen my connection, I used to think of Aurora’s name to call them to me, and then I would feel the feeling tone. It really helped me to know that I was truly connecting with something separate from myself. You can silently connect with them whilst you are driving, on the bus, walking through town, doing the washing up. Take your guide everywhere with you. Ask to see life through their eyes and see what happens.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the whole ” is this my imagination” thing. Honestly, play with it. Use your imagination as a bridge of connection with non physical. Get curious. Why would you imagine one thing and not another? Where does that imagining take you? Guides use our imagination, initially, to create a connection and then over a period of time, you get to know your own style of channeling. You might see pictures, get a knowing download, hear the words, see energy, or a blend of of that. You will develop your own style.


Your guide’s thoughts have a different vibration


You might notice that the message of the channeling seems to be coming from a different part of your mind than your usual thoughts. The thoughts themselves might seem different. One of the most significant differences for me is the speed. When I’m channeling, the answer to a question comes really quickly, as though I haven’t got time to think. In my normal thought processing, I chew over what I want to say or I think about different perspectives. In channeling mode, its quick…almost like having no thoughts, just a sudden perception and knowing of truth.

When you start to channel for others (which I highly recommend) if the message is something that you have been wanting to say to the other person for a long time, chances are that’s you, not your guide. This is not necessarily a negative thing. One of the benefits of working with a guide is their perpetual encouragement to lovingly share your truth. So as you shift into a channeling space, it might become really important for this particular relationship that you share your truth. When I first started to regularly channel with my partner Ian, Aurora really encouraged me to share my truth. My truth was much easier to be aware of whilst I was in that expanded channeling state.  It was important, however, that my truth was distinguished from Aurora’s guidance. So I would channel the words “Cara is thinking/feeling/wanting/needing….. or the channel is……”

Integrity and clarity will be important to your guide and they will encourage that within you too.

My final advice on this subject is play, play, play and don’t take it too seriously. Play is an open, curious state and allows for an ease of connection. Practice, get feedback, see what it’s like for you.

So that covers the most common questions that I’m asked about how to handle the fears. If you have any more, I’d love to know so please leave a comment below or email me.

Channeling has been my biggest, most transformative and fun personal growth tool. EVER. If I was to take over the world and become a tyrant I might just force everyone to channel because it’s just SO amazing. Don’t allow fears to hold you back from something that can transform your life and bring you joy. You can do this, channeling is easy and for everyone. There is so much love in the non physical for you.

You will meet yourself too and, whilst you may meet your fears, you will also meet your beauty, your magnificence, your vastness and your connection to the loving pulse of the universe.

Now that might just be worth shifting through a few fears and doubts for, don’t you think?


Cara Wilde on channeling



How to know if you can channel

How to know if you can channel

Hey beautiful.

Oh, how I love summer, and in the UK we have been blessed with hot days and clear skies which, for me, means OCEAN time!! Natural aura cleansing at its best. My children have loved it too, they are always so much more peaceful and happy after a few hours on the beach. I’ve also had fun working with ley lines, having nourishing conversations with friends about conscious evolution and communicating with non physical. Nom Nom.



So many people have asked me over the years about how to channel, what’s it like and who can do it. When I have mentored people in channeling their guides, or when it happens in a channeled session with Aurora, people are usually really surprised by how easy it is and the results are beautiful to witness.

People feel like they have come home and the Love they experience is powerful and transformative.

People keep asking me if I have a course on how to channel and now, finally, I can say yes…well at the end of August I will be able to say yes!   I’m holding a live hangout towards the end of August all about channeling your guides and non physical energy. I’ll send you more details soon.



As I’ve been talking to people about channeling, I’ve honestly been floored by what some people have been told is required to be a channel. Things that just haven’t been a part of my experience. So I’ve compiled a list of what I believe is needed in order to be able to channel and what’s not. Some of them are quite funny and some of them are ludicrous and highlight something important that needs to be challenged in the spiritual community. Take what resonates, drop the rest.


What you don’t need


Someone to open your Akashic Records or given special permission.

This floored me. You don’t need anyone to unlock any aspect of you. You are a multi-dimensional, sovereign being and all information is available to you at anytime. It can be supportive to work with someone who has more experience or works in a different field to you. But you certainly don’t need any “master” to give you permission, at any level, in order to channel. I thought this was hilarious until I realised that it was being taken quite seriously. You may need support, yes. Permission, no. Bye, bye spiritual hierarchy.

To be vegetarian.

Or on any special diet at all. When I first started channeling I was smoking. Not something usually equated with high vibrations. It didn’t get in the way one bit. I still eat some meat and have the occasional glass of wine. Years ago, after giving my first ever reading to a stranger,  I went for a walk to ground myself and then sat and had a pint of lager to celebrate!

My diet and reactions to food have shifted since I started to channel. Yours may do too, but there are no rules. What’s more important is that you respond to your own body’s needs and that can take some time to discover. The point I want to make here is that, in my experience,  there is no prerequisite diet to be a channel.

To be special and have special gifts.

To be honest, this one really peeves me. There is no such thing as a special person for channeling. We’re all unique but you don’t have to have been “born gifted” or able to see spirit from birth. I’ve taught people how to channel their guides who have never seen energy, spirit or had a psychic experience and it flowed really easy for them. We all learn in different ways and at different speeds and we are all spiritual. We are all enough. End of.

To be a serious meditator.

Or actually serious at all. The more you can bring a sense of play and fun to channeling, the easier the information and guidance will flow. Most guides that I come across have a wonderful sense of humour and see play as an important aspect of life. Meditation doesn’t need to have been a huge part of your life for you to channel and you’ll probably find that channeling really helps to ground you and allow you to be more present to your life.

To be perfect or have all of your life sorted first.

Sometimes people are unsure if they can be a pure channel because they haven’t looked after their body “properly” in the past, have a busy life with kids, or some areas of their lives are chaotic, out of resonance in some way and basically, well, quite normal actually. It’s alright that your life isn’t perfect, channeling and working with your guide can really help you to make positive changes.

The guides certainly don’t expect you to be perfect and want to support you in loving and accepting yourself more. It’s like having a best friend  whose learned how to love unconditionally and they are usually much kinder than we are to ourselves!

Channeling for yourself doesn’t need to take up much time, or be done in a special sacred place all of the time. Channeling can easily be adopted into a modern, active lifestyle. The only proviso I would add, is that it’s easier if you are in a reasonably stable emotional place. If you have a major crisis going on in your life then maybe wait until that’s resolved and you have reached a certain level of peace with that area.

On the other hand, connecting with a loving presence could be really helpful and supportive at a time of crisis. You are your own best guide in knowing what’s right for you. But basically, the more generally happy and content you feel (the majority of the time) the easier the process will be.


What you do need


The desire to do it

Honestly, that’s it really, that’s the most important one. If channeling is something that you are curious about, want to experience and would love to have a go, that’s the indication right there that you can do it. I’m not curious at all about accounting and working in a tax office which shows me that it’s not for me. Let’s dispel this mystical, mysterious approach to channeling shall we? You will most likely have had lifetimes where channeling was your job. It’s natural to channel, it’s just not normal in the job market place anymore. It would have been at one time.

When I visited John of God in Brazil, both Ian and I were part of a team who channeled energies each day to support John of God in his work. Getting up each morning was a thrill. I was going to work and it felt so natural and normal in that community.  That’s what we are doing on this leading edge of evolving consciousness, changing the job market place and what’s considered usual. We are all architects building a new global community and it’s amazing.

Be willing to trust, play and learn

Channeling does take a leap of faith, trusting yourself and the ability to not take yourself too seriously. When I’m about to channel and the information first starts to come through, I sometimes only know the first two or three words to speak. Sometimes its something like a confirmation of the person’s current job and I have no idea if it’s correct. Sometimes it’s about someone’s personal issues and this can come before a person has even asked a question. In that moment, there’s a gap, a space and it’s a leap into the unknown. As I speak the words, more comes and it all starts to flow.

Nowadays, I’ve leaned to trust that process and love it, that’s part of the thrill of channeling for me. To begin with it made me a little nervous and I needed to surrender my desires for the outcome of the session and flow with whatever turned up.

It will be the same for you, and like any process, there are skills to learn which simply means a willingness to practice. You’ll develop your own way of knowing what certain pictures mean, or colours, or how to follow a flow of words. It’s so rewarding and leads to being able to trust yourself and your intuition in a powerful way.

Oh, on the note of not taking yourself too seriously; I once came out of a channeling state (just channeling for myself) and was looking at myself in the mirror and could see yellow around my solar plexus and thought “OMG I can see my chakra so easily, this is awesome” only to remember that I had been painting that morning and had splashed some yellow paint on my shirt! Laughing with yourself is very useful sometimes. Laughing and deciding that you are just cute is very helpful in those circumstances.

Be able to sit still….at least for a little while!

You don’t have to be able to meditate for hours on end but it does help if you can at least sit still for 15 minutes or so at a time! I know some people worry that there ADHD tendencies will be a block, it doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time and you can build it up over time.

Channeling does takes practice and for it to be a valuable addition to your personal evolution, you need to, well, do it. Sounds crazy obvious to even mention it doesn’t it? But this is where having the desire to channel comes in. It takes practice to learn your own unique way of channeling and to gain confidence in what you are receiving.

Connecting with your guides for 15 minutes each day really helps or maybe for a little longer once a week. It will build as will your ability to focus. But if you don’t do it, you won’t be channeling. Just like, if I don’t go shopping, I most likely, won’t have food.

The desire to channel your guide is the propelling energy that will allow you to be curious enough to practice and refine.

That’s it. All you need to begin and start learning the hows. There are many books about channeling that can get you started right away.

You’ll just love it so much that it feels like play.

Honestly. Trust me, I’m  a channel!

So what stops you from having a go at channeling?

From taking that first step of leaning the hows?

Do you think that you have to be specially gifted?

What about channeling intrigues you?

Have you any fears or doubts that are getting in your way?

I’d love to hear from you. Next week I’ll be discussing the fears around channeling, what might happen, will it change you? Will your head start spinning and other crazy ideas that don’t get spoken about very often. So if you have any questions of your own please do contact me or leave a comment below and I’ll address them as best I can.


Cara Wilde discussing how to channel


How To Recognise Your Truth

How To Recognise Your Truth


Do you know your own truth?If you are trying to discern your next steps, understand what you truly desire then today’s blog has an easy process designed to help you do just that.

This process will help you to recognise when your self talk is out of alignment with your truth. Once you have done the process and gained a clear understanding of what your untruth feels like to you, what state it creates within you – you can use it as guidance in all areas of your life.

Begin by holding something that is beautiful and sacred to you. Something that you have a connection with. It could be a crystal, a stone, a notepad, something that evokes a feeling of awe and beauty. You could also think about  a beautiful sunset or a wonderful memory ~ you get the idea. (more…)

What John Of God taught me about you

What John Of God taught me about you


The last time I wrote to you was before Ian and I traveled to Brazil for a stay in the Casa with John Of God.

That honestly seems like another lifetime. When Aurora works with someone over a period of time, it’s clear that their energy system has changed. My guess is I am, energetically, another version of myself.


A piece of the puzzle

A piece of the puzzle

I had heard many people who had discovered their life’s work describe it as fitting like a fine tailored suit. As though it was something that had been designed and created just for them.  That’s how I felt when channeling first became an option for me, everything about it felt so right. There were fears and doubts but that first recognition was a thrill and such a feeling of rightness I will never forget. Like Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots looking back. My history of learning and experiences was littered with fragments that would later all come together at a perfect point for the channeling to naturally unfold.

Even though I feel as though I have been training for this all my life there are some significant points that stand out for me. This is a long story and it is my dearest wish to inspire and open your mind to new possibilities of what we are capable of. I apologise in advance if instead, I simply bore the pants off you. That said, you do have a close window option so we should be good there 🙂