Breakthrough Sessions

You’re stuck. You’re frustrated and you want change.

I designed breakthrough sessions for clients who want to do experience a significant shift in their work but want to do it intensely, over a couple of days rather than spreading the work out over a couple of months.

They are designed for times when you are feeling really stuck in an area of your life and at the moment I’m focusing on working with people who are stuck in the work area of their life.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  •  You’re feeling stuck in your work, you keep trying to take action, get so far but then either run out of steam or just stop and have no idea why.
  • You used to really enjoy your work, or you thought it was okay but lately, it’s just not doing it for you and you have no idea why.
  • You have a body of work you want to create and you just can’t get started. You have lots of ideas and nada follow through. You’re starting to feel hopeless
  • You’re transitioning your business/work from one area to another, it feels like a shift in identity and you can’t seem to make the transition to the new.
  • You’re walking around feeling different and you have no idea why, like you are stuck in the middle ground. 
  • And finally, sometimes this stuff shows up as just feeling like you haven’t got time for work at all, no time for what you really want to do with your life.

There’s nothing wrong with you and everything right with you.


All those scenarios make sense when you understand the cycle of change that humans experience when their identity has been shaken or has shifted in some way. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with you and everything right with you. You’re exactly where you need to be AND you don’t have to stay stuck.

Right now, in 2020 with the global changes we are going through, these kind of circumstances are even more common. At times like this, when the old has really been shaken up THAT”S when we find ourselves asking some really big questions about life. What’s important to me? What do I want to do with my life and where do I want to go from here? And those questions can cause us to re-evaulate our work and we suddenly realise there’s not enough meaning in it, or we’ve outgrown it in some way.

And there is a way that you can address those questions and make significant shifts now.You can break the chain that’s keeping you anchored in your past, the weight that’s dragging you down and free yourself up to make the changes you are wanting or explore a new and exciting state.


I got so much out of Cara’s Breakthrough Session. I was feeling down during lockdown, and I reached out for some help. I felt stuck. I hadn’t been able to work on my creative projects in weeks, and I couldn’t see a way forward. Thanks to the Breakthrough Sessions, I was able to release past trauma that was affecting my creativity and sabotaging my work. Cara helped me to get clear on the values that had been driving my actions up until now, and then she helped me to discover what my true values were. I felt a massive shift in my energy from one day to the next, and after the second session, I felt like a whole new person. I was able to shift into a new identity that was a huge uplevel for me, and since then I’ve unblocked my creative flow and it feels so good. I’ve been advancing on my creative goals and projects for this year, and it’s been easy and effortless. I can’t believe what a huge shift I experienced after just these sessions. I highly recommend them!

Holly Worton


How the sessions work

First we’ll have a 15-20 min discovery call to make sure that this is the best intervention for you right now.

The breakthrough sessions take place over two days:

Day one will be half a day (about 3 hours but do leave time  for 4 just in case)
Day two will be roughly 2 hours, ideally the next day or at the most the day after that.

I recommend you don’t book too much in around the sessions as you may need to sleep a lot, exercise or something else to let your unconscious process all the work you’ve done.

You’ll bring an area of your life that’s just not working out for you right now or that you can’t get traction on and then we’ll dig into understanding the blueprint that your unconscious is using to drive your decisions, actions and behaviours.

We’ll take the time to discover which parts of the blueprint are working for your current goals and which are working against them.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to clean up the parts that are no longer working for you and that you want to leave behind.

The next stage is to consciously choose the new blueprint for your unconscious mind to integrate and place on automation. That’s a bit of a fancy pants way of saying that you get to tell your unconscious what you truly want so that your decisions, choices and behaviours are more automatically aligned towards your authentic goals.

For those of you that have worked with me before, here’s how these sessions may differ:

This isn’t talk therapy,so whilst you are still in charge of what happens in the session,  it’s faster paced and I’m much more directive than I would be in therapy mode.

It’s not like a channeled session, so whilst I do use my empath and psychic abilities, this style is more like intuitive coaching.

We will be going deep because that’s where the information for effective and long lasting change lives, but it doesn’t need to be hard. With interventions like emotional freedom technique and psych-k we can shift stuck energy and memories in a gentle and respectful way. But you will need to be up for digging a little and being self reflective as that’s where the unconscious likes to hang out.

Introductory Price: £595  availble June until End July then increase to £795


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