"You can't nurture your creativity whilst paying attention to your inner critic' The Ancients.  The A's opening line on a recent channeling session seemed obvious and genius at the same time. Creativity is an expression of our life force energy and so won't settle for anything less than authentic expression. Anything else, as Gill Edwards says, is slow suicide.  For many of us that means abandoning the conditioned and safe career path and choosing something that brings us alive but risks the rejection of those around us. Mine was leaving psychology and embracing the seemingly ludicrous career of reading ...
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Love Note #22: For when you are feeling lost.

Love Note #22: For when you are feeling lost.

"Here in this moment, stand still. Literally, stop everything and drop into your heart. Close your eyes if that feels right to you, Go inside Go to your heart Call Source to be with you and let us in. Allow us to be with you at this moment. To support you in a very...

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Love Note #19: A message from Nature Spirits.

Love Note #19: A message from Nature Spirits.

Hey Love noters, As I was tuning into The A's about today's Love Note, I got an impulse to go out for a walk. I kept hearing them say the word Support, allow support and I couldn't get the rest. Something wasn't flowing and that's usually a sign that I need more time...

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The Sensitive Revolutionary

Soul purpose goes beyond work, beyond form. It’s about why you are here and what you came to illuminate. Your Joy will lead you to your purpose.

This blog is where we learn how to lead a revolution into untamed Joy in a practical everyday kind of way.

Our society doesn’t provide us with a template for Joy. We need another way.

The Sensitive Revolutionary is where we create that other way together.








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