Compassion fatigue
Today's Love Note is in response to a readers question. The question asked for guidance on the subject of being a carer and in particular when a carer was starting to experience compassion fatigue.As a mother of children with additional needs, I wanted to know the guidance myself! Also, this is guidance applies to us in a more general sense. As deeply sensitive and empathic people, its all to easy to experience compassion fatigue and feel overwhelmed with all that is happening in our world at times. Here's The Ancients "When to stop? When to know that enough is enough ...
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{The Ancients} From failure to success

{The Ancients} From failure to success

Hey gorgeous, The new podcast, The Way of the Sensitive, is on track for its launch next week! It's for misfits who want to belong in the world, but on their own terms.  I'm really excited about the possibilities of this podcast. It's birthed from a combination of...

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The Ancients~Utilising the energies of December

The Ancients~Utilising the energies of December

 Hey gorgeous. Today is an exciting day!  It's the first time I've channeled The Ancients in public and only the second time I've verbally channeled them at all. As I mention on the video, Ian persuaded my to channel them the other night so we could get clarity on a...

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The Sensitive Revolutionary

Soul purpose goes beyond work, beyond form. It’s about why you are here and what you came to illuminate. Your Joy will lead you to your purpose.

This blog is where we learn how to lead a revolution into untamed Joy in a practical everyday kind of way.

Our society doesn’t provide us with a template for Joy. We need another way.

The Sensitive Revolutionary is where we create that other way together.






  • The Way of the Sensitive episode 23. Releasing the Weight of Weight


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