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The Ancients new model and creating new habits for Joy
Guides. Help. Now.
The paradox of grief (aka tough breakups, life and not spiritually bypassing).
#AskTheAncients. How is Lemuria relevant to us today?
Soul Inc TV ~ Ask The Ancients Episode 1
My 7 day experiment with The Ancients
Woo’s – If we want to be taken seriously, do we need to change our language?
Because we need another way……(podcast goes Live!)
{The Ancients} From failure to success
Powerful intentions for magical outcomes
How to shift from self-criticism into self-compassion
The Ancients ~ Is your life truly nourishing you?
The Ancients~Utilising the energies of December
How working with the energy of your guides affects your life.
Aurora’s message for navigating October’s energies (Hint: Mud and play)
Aurora’s free audio ~ Accessing Your True Power
The phrase you’ll never hear from me or Aurora
{Conversations with Aurora}
Conversations with Aurora – What is Deja Vu?
Conversations with Aurora ~ Why do we have pain?
E.T’s, Aliens and Ghost’s oh my!

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