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This came through for me this morning whilst I was journaling and planning my day. I channeled for hours on Saturday, with a beautiful soul I get to call a friend. It was high channeling for me, it pushed me as a channel which is where I love to hang out. Not only for the skill development but also for the shifts I know are about to come as a result of being connected to a field of unconditional Love for so long and expanding into wider truths and perspectives. I channeled on wealth (will be sharing more soon, I ...
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Love Note #45 Life’s longing to know you.

Love Note #45 Life’s longing to know you.

Hey there, You maybe well ahead of me in your understanding of what it means to feel cherished. If so, take the quote and run with it this week! I'm still deepening my relationship with the quality of cherish. What it means to cherish others, myself and life. And I...

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Love Note #42: Desire.

Love Note #42: Desire.

Hey Love Noter, Something a little more bold today..... Whether tiny sparks of excitement or huge impulses to leap.... Follow the trail Of breadcrumbs to the realisation of your desires. What impulse of excitement calls you today? 😀 Learn to trust your impulse, your...

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The Sensitive Revolutionary

Soul purpose goes beyond work, beyond form. It’s about why you are here and what you came to illuminate. Your Joy will lead you to your purpose.

This blog is where we learn how to lead a revolution into untamed Joy in a practical everyday kind of way.

Our society doesn’t provide us with a template for Joy. We need another way.

The Sensitive Revolutionary is where we create that other way together.







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