Hey Quester

On the blog today is a free walking meditation from Aurora.

They gave me this one when I was wondering about accessing my true power as a conscious creator. In channeled sessions at the moment, the focus is hugely on reminding people that they are the creator of their realities, to take back their full power by consciously choosing their beliefs.

It’s almost like they want to remind everyone of the basics. Like we are over complicating things.

I’ve taken it for a “test-drive’ and I really enjoyed how they explained how our true power is linked to our ability to consciously choose our beliefs. Plus the idea that we can create new beliefs, maybe ones that are not in our collective consciousness yet.

After listening to the channeling, I found choosing an ease filled belief more easy and I also had some surprising clarity on some physical, emotional and mental de-cluttering I needed to do in order to make space for the new beliefs to manifest in my physical reality.

This free audio is a powerful walking meditation that allows you to be truly present in physical reality, listen to the wisdom of your Soul and utilise the creative power of consciously choosing your beliefs.

Channeled Audio


I’d love to hear how you get on with it.

It’s one of my favorites to take out with me now.


Cara Wilde

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