Hey Questers,

I’ve been asking members of the SoulQuester Facebook group for questions that they would like to ask Aurora as part of the Conversations with Aurora series.

Today’s question comes from a Soul Quester who wanted to know;

“Why do we experience pain?”

Well, it seemed timely to channel on it today as I fell on my training run last night 😉

On this recording Aurora speaks to

  • The difference between physical, emotional and spiritual pain
  • What spiritual pain is trying to teach us and why most of us chose a spiritual path this lifetime
  • Aurora beautifully analyses the message of the pain from my training run to demonstrate the sometimes hidden message of pain.
  • The benefits of ego and pride.



Here’s some background so that you will be able to gain more personal meaning from Aurora’s analysis.

The belief that allowed my shame about pride to manifest into a physical injury was “Pride comes before a fall”. Aurora’s guidance has now shown me all the places in my life where this shame was showing up and how I can let that go.

(This is particularly important for any of you who have been a scapegoat)

Hopefully, if you have any struggles around pride, my fall will help you out too!!


Cara Wilde 

PS. If you want your own personal conversation with Aurora, click here

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