Today’s question is from a viewer who asks:

“What is the history or Lemuria and how is it relevant to us today?”


Excellent question right? In this episode you can learn:


  • How to create your own experience of Lemuria in your life.
  • What ONE quality Lemurians used to navigate the choices in their life
  • How to align your meridians to the energy of Lemuria
  • What you can learn from your impulses
  • How Lemurians worked with the raw material of the elements of nature.
  • Why you need a positive ego to create your own version of Lemuria

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Here’s the transcript: Scroll down to go directly to the channeled part.

Cara: Hello and welcome, my name is Cara Wilde from, and this is #AskTheAncients.


And today’s question is from a viewer who wanted to ask The Ancients about Lemuria; and Lemuria, is something that the Ancients are really interested in, and they are a part of, and I have been working personally with them to… Oh, I don’t know if I can find the language, it is kind of like to activate my Lemurian myself and to embody that aspect of me. I haven’t read much about Lemuria, I don’t know a massive amount about Lemuria, but it is what I am to channel about, I think.

So, today’s question is really interesting for me too. So, if you wanted to know about Lemuria’s history and, more importantly, how is that relevant to now. I know that some of you feel like you are connected to Pleiadians, but still involved in anchoring Lemurian energy into our physical reality. And, for me, Lemurian energy is connected to the fifth dimension, it is when I have channeled before on Lemuria, is very clear to me that Lemurians are empaths and that they worked for the collective, but also for the individual within that collective, there was an ability to do both really elegantly.

And that there was a strong connection to nature and to the directions to the elements, and I am building my understanding of what it means to want to, what I call, re-member Lemuria. I know that some people already talk about Lemuria remembered and to me that’s really similar to Peter Lavine’s work on trauma, where you are literally feeling the sensations that arise in your body from a past trauma, as a way of remembering yourself, putting yourself back together. Parts of us get scattered, you know, in shamanic terms it is a soul-loss, a trauma, parts of you separates from your whole when you experience a trauma and freeze in time and space.

And, for me, the process of embodying Lemuria in physical reality is a very similar process and we are regathering our galactic selves and anybody who has been following me long enough knows that I really struggle with this language but what’s happened to me with channeling light language and channeling sound and tone, and embracing my galactic shamanism, where I do work with people to go and gather different aspects of their galactic nature, which has been fragmented in time and space, in past lives.

And we are now getting to a place where we are living from the heart as our fully dimensional self, so it makes sense to me that we need to go and gather our different aspects from different dimensions. And I know for me, personally, I have been on a journey of really embodying my Pleiadian self and feeling like my Pleiadian self is all that I am interested in, and then I went through a process of really getting to know my Sirian self – and that came through running for me. And, then, I have had experiences recently, where I had felt like an alien, I literally felt like my head is bigger, my brain is bigger, I have been working with people on my energy body that have said you feel like an alien, and I am like hmm I know I get that a lot.

So, I think, those of you that are drawn to my particular channeling are probably really drawn and connected with Lemuria in some way, and part of the language is interesting, part of the impulse I think, to co-create another Lemuria, a more modern Lemuria. And I love the fact that this question about Lemuria is really focussed on the practical day-to-day: what does it mean for our here and now? What does it mean for our modern times? Because, I don’t know about you, I don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff that our tech has created, and nor do I want to be a part of Atlantis again where: might have blown a few things up and got that bit wrong, but I want to learn how to work with the elements, not just nature itself, but with the elements and breathe the elements and work in that kind of witchcraft-y way, but with a sense of awe and wonder and beauty and majesty and the gentleness that seems to be Lemuria. You know Brené Brown’s work about having compassionate boundaries, the immovability of the no, but not having to scream and shout the no. Those kinds of teachings that are around at the moment and all the work around Byron Katie is helping everyone move towards unity consciousness and living in that field of unconditional love, those two teachings to me seem to be really relevant to what I understand that Lemuria is going to be about. When I first channeled the Ancients on what Lemuria was like, I saw life that… they were empaths, we were empaths, and we lived as a collective; but they also had a really strong sense of their individuality within that collective; and those psychic connections, those abilities to read and honour other people’s emotions and mental states, but still retain a sense of individuality, which is the whole reason for coming into physical reality, isn’t it? So, I am really fascinated by it all, like I said I have hardly read anything about Lemuria, most of it has come through my own experience with my guides, and my own wonderings; but I am beginning to look more deeply into it. So, that’s what I am going to channel on today, is: how the history of Lemuria can help us embody it and live it on a day-to-day basis, what does that actually mean for us in the here and now? So, I will see you in a bit and we will see what wants to come through today.


The Ancients: All right, it is a pleasure to be here with you this day. Indeed, this is a very wise question, and it is also a very grand question. And we mean by grand, that there are lots of components to it, it is a very big question the history of Lemuria, and the history of Lemuria and the allowing of that again to be remembered in physical reality, is something that we are going to be channeling on for the rest of the channel’s life. But, the channel has informed us that it is nearly teatime in this house and she has children to feed, so perhaps we will not do it all in today’s session. But, we are indeed honoured by our friend who has asked the question of us, and, we know that this particular friend has a connection with flowers. And, is indeed concerned with the elements and Earth and where she is going and what humanity is doing to earth. So, the particular component of Lemurian energy that we want to remember with you today, so that you can construct your own experience of Lemuria, you see because it is a very personal journey. It is your heaven on earth, it is your delight, it is your dance, it is your life. And Lemuria was more about the qualities, than the actual form, and the form that once was will not be the same again, because creativity, the creativity of physical reality is always new, that’s evolution. So, you are not here to recreate the past, you are here to live your now and to imagine and envisage the future that you wish to see.


So joy, joy was the way Lemurians navigated their world, their life, their individuality, their uniqueness, everything. It was the cornerstone of everything that they believed because they were connected to the original intention of physical reality, which is an adventure. You know an adventure in consciousness, but to be navigated through joy, always joy. And so, today we wish to talk about the quality of play, because play activates joy, it energises joy, it is the root to joy, it holds within it a sense of curiosity. When you are in a state of play, with yourself, or with your life, or with nature, or with energies, anything… play brings with it a sense of curiosity, of childlike wonder, of innocence, and what we mean by innocence is looking at the world anew, again and again and again and again and again.


So, yes, you heard from your past, but you bring with it, bring from your past the qualities, the ideas, the beliefs, the experiences, that you want to repeat. It is not supposed to be protecting you from that which you don’t want to create, the past is a framework for creating a wonderful future that you want for yourself. So, on a practical level, play is extremely practical, it is very much dismissed in your reality, play is [often seen as] something that children do, play is something that simple folk do, play is something for outside of work, it is a way of letting off steam. And we would say that a way a lot of you let off steam outside of work is not play at all. It is an attempt to de-stress, it is more a distraction than play, play is very purposeful. Play moves you towards something enjoyable, rather than going for a drink after work can be considered play but a lot of a time that’s a distractor away from what you don’t want to feel, what you don’t want to experience. Play is complicated, complex, and what does this have to do with Lemuria?


Play with energies, you ask of the elements, you ask about the elements, and Lemurians knew and those of you that are drawn to the elements knew and know how to work with them as raw material to create form, and play is a way that you engage the elements. So, even in your meridian system, in your energy field, there is something that is known in your reality as the ‘strange flows’. You know, it gets things moving, it gets the joy pumping around the body and the easiest way of engaging those is to do things that feel like play to you. You know: dancing, laughing, how do you want to play? How do you want to enjoy your life? What do you want to do that brings you a sense of aliveness? Play is an attitude that can activate activate joy. And, the strange flows in your energy bodies are the way that joy, the energy of joy, the flow of joy, the components of joy, interact with your physical reality to attract form, attract form that allows for more of an embodiment of joy. So, an embodiment is simply being able to act it out in physical reality. Act it out in physical reality, that’s what it means: embody.


So, how do you act out joy? How do you want to do that? Play is the way to activate that knowing of joy. Play engages an innocent childlike wonder, it frees up your creativity, in order to play you need to feel safe. So, even the tiniest amount of play, opens you up, because you tell yourself you are safe enough to be able to play. When you are in play you are actually connected to a different part of your brain, the part of your brain that is connected with future-orientated information, where your wisdom is, where you can access more of your Lemurian self, your frontal lobe. And, Lemurians had large frontal lobes. Within the frontal lobe is the ability to psychically connect with all that is in physical form, it is where much of your empathic abilities play, and it is how you can engage more with the elements in physical reality and to weave into form your physical reality, to work directly with the building blocks of your physical reality. You will at sometime in your evolutionary future remember how to call the fabric of reality into your energy being, the sacred geometry as you call it, the sounds, the tones, the frequencies, and to focus on that and bring that into your energetic body, where your consciousness is housed now in this lifetime. And to slowly anchor that down through the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body, and into the physical body and then surround your physical form with that which you want to create and experience. Right now, you do it primarily through your thought and your emotions, you are in resonance with something, that you are magnetic towards what you are in resonance with, but you are moving to becoming more deliberate and conscious creators.


Lemurians this is a story, because how you experience physical reality right now is very different to how Lemurians experienced it, so only stories can help to give an impression of what it was like, and what you are going to be capable of, but it is not exactly how we are going to describe it. But, in essence, what happened was Lemurians looked to the sky, they had the thought, the impulse, to create something. They had gone beyond simply, or they had not going beyond, they did not focus on simply serving self, although they saw nothing wrong with that, but they were focussed on the next best thought for all of that they were in connection with. So, that could be the creation of the next crystal to be utilised as a conduit between realities, for example, some kind of communication system, or tool, let’s use that as an example. And so, there was the idea of creating crystal and so first of all they had the thought, the next loving impulse was to do this so, and so they wondered: what would that be like? They trusted the impulse, they never questioned the impulse, trusted the impulse. What was the essence of the form? Or look to the heavens, as it were, and begin to see the energetic components that would be required to help manifest this into physical form. And they started with the energetic building blocks, and so they made {singing musical sound tone} through the tones, playing around with the beauty of sound until something just right, they could feel it in their bodies as it were. Something just right, they had created a portal, they had connected with something, with a particular shape perhaps that had a feeling or tone to it. They worked very much with feeling tones. It would just be right, much as your musical composers, or your poets, catch something in the air, they hear that it is a part of them, but not them. That creativity, they would pull it into physical form, by focussing on it, by appreciating its beauty, by forming a relationship with it. And, it would come close and closer to physical reality and it would get to a stage where it would land in physical reality. And once it had got to that point there was very little that they could do to change the form significantly, but, they would use the essence and qualities of wonder and appreciation to get the best out of that which had been created already. And they would learn, there would be some concentrating experiences of: If that, if within the crystal that particular asset had been a millimetre to that side, ah it would have increased its beauty exponentially. Next thought, next impulse, will have that component to it, so the contrast was very there, there were contrasting shades of beauty.


And, we understand that that’s a wonderful story, and how it is relevant to you now is an understanding that the components of creating a reality here and now in physical form, they have never changed, it is always the same. It is just the focus and the contrast [now] is slightly different, there is a great polarity, things were pulled apart: good, bad, left and right, up and down. But it is more the difference is the contrast, and the contrast is created by the judgement. Contrast is created by judgement and that’s your first step towards to your remembering Lemuria, is dropping the judgement and we would suggest that you would begin with self, dropping the judgement of self… radical, deep, self-acceptance. Because you were the next best thought, and then you are your next best thought. The you that you experience is up to you. The mind constructs a vehicle that you use to navigate your physical reality, that’s your starting point. Your mind constructs your vehicle, and we don’t just mean your physical body, we would like you to start off with the mental vehicle; how are you going to navigate physical reality as you, you know, if you are never enough. you are not worthy, you are not deserving… enough of that, you are beauty in action, you are creation wondering at itself, what else is possible for me?


So, your world right now is shoring up a positive ego through self-acceptance, so you can transcend the need for negative ego, so you can transcend the need for ego at all, in the way that you experience it now. So, ego is your anchor into physical reality, without one you couldn’t be here, but it is only supposed to be a lens though which you view the world and navigate preferences. Always the intention was to look beyond the ego towards your connection with what you see around you. But, first of all, you have to shore up your own ego, and that’s where many of you are at, and that’s exactly where you are supposed to be. So, Lemuria as a concept is being activated with many of you that have the capacity to embrace unity consciousness, to pave the way and create a field in your reality for the next generations to come through and experience and grow and build more and more and more. So, there are many of you that are way-showers, you are bringing up your children to not judge themselves, you are speaking out in your reality of where you see judgement and the trick is to not judge the judging, yes? To know that it is required and needed right now, or it wouldn’t be in existence. So, your work, the living on a daily basis of Lemuria now, the starting work, is the dropping of the judgement of self and others. Self primarily {laughing} and then others don’t have to act it out for you and then you can see more of the beauty and wonder and awe that is truly there. But at the moment it is masked, where the play is that you need in your life to mirror aspects of self that are not being accepted.


So, as we said, it is a broad question, play for those of you who are listening to his channeling now, play is the antidote to hard work, which is driving your sense of worth, which has no place in the energies of Lemuria that you are looking for.


So, our questions to you are:


  • How can you feel safe enough?

  • What beliefs about yourself and the world do you need to let go and embrace so that you feel safe enough to play? And, what is your flavour of play right now?

  • Where is your creativity taking you?

  • Where do you get lost in time and space? Even if it is just for a few moments and then you have to come back and check, you know.


Like, this channeling, yes, when the channeling connection is the strongest there is no attention to the fact that there is anything else other than what is going on in the channeling right now. The channel is in the moment of their own creativity and it is nourishing, it is hopefully inspiring, it definitely is to the channel, she is doing it for nobody else but herself, yes? Hoping that it serves others, but it is her own enjoyment, her own creativity, her own sense of play. And then she remembers the task: I need to come and check this physical reality. And the connection is still there but it goes a little, and it is going to be the same with you and your own sense of play, and creativity, and wonder and awe. You are going to get lost in it for a while and then you are going to have to come back and check that everything is all right again. You have merged, you have let go, you have gone into unity and wholeness more and then you remember your sense of individuality and the world that you are living in. And it is all right you are going to move between states, you are at a very pivotal point in your own evolution, are you sick of hearing that, yes? But it is true, you are. And it is going to last for a little while longer but there are those of you that are really beginning to surrender and trust and let go and live moment by moment.


But, play around with play, increase your capacity to play, give yourself permission to drop the seriousness and to play. The biggest barrier to play is wondering what other people are going to think of you. And you are going to have different forms of play, so for example, channeling is a wonderful state of play to the channel, and so also is building sandcastles on the beach. There are many delights, there are many experiences that awaken the delight of the sense, get those strange flows going and become magnetic to more joy. And so, with that we will leave you for now, we hope that has illuminated some peace of the jigsaw puzzle that is Lemuria. And, for now, in peace, we bid you farewell.


Cara: Okay well they are right I do have to go and make the tea! So, hope that was useful, any comments please leave comments below, get in touch with me at: and remember if you have your own question for the Ancients that is not of a really personal nature, because it is better to come for a consultation with those kinds of questions. You know if you want to know what your higher purpose is, what your soul purpose is, how you can embrace your purpose, or if you have got a current challenge in your life then those specific individual questions are better for a consultation, and I am happy for you to have one of those. But if you have got a more global question that would benefit many people then if you email me at with the title #askthancients or tag me anywhere with #asktheancients then I will put your question into the flow. Have a wonderful, playful day and I will see you soon.

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