I wrote to you last week about standing for Peace

As I watch the horror of what is happening in the US I’m asking myself “How do I stand for Peace right now?”

That took me down a rabbit hole of research, questioning how my spiritaulty supports my actions and approach to the dismantling of white supremacy, in both my own life and business. I have been so grateful for the amount of people willing to engage in conversations around this.

But first. Many of you are living in the US.

I want to say to any of my black readers. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine the terror, hurt, harm and exhaustion that you are experiencing right now. I am so sorry this continues to happen.

To those living in the UK and Europe. I acknowledge how racism is so much more covert than what is happening in the US and how corrosive that is. 

This post is my offering of how I am responding as a white woman who lives in the UK and as a business owner of a company that has clients and customers from all over the world.

I’m offering my own journey because I don’t feel I have the right to tell others what to do and I also respect that many people will be further along the journey than I am and others who just don’t know where to start. As always, my hope is that as I share, it will inform and inspire your own inner wisdom.

And if you think I could benefit from knowing more, please do email me (cara@carawilde.com)

Here’s where I’m at so far.

My spirituality is an ever expanding relationship and it’s helps me to perceive myself as a system within a system. I am a system of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, choices and desires that is informed and conditioned by the system(s) that I belong to.

I want to be as consciously aware of those systems as much as possible which is why I continue to reflect on my biases.

Currently, the system in dominance is that of white supremacy and how that shows up can be surprising, especially to those of us who don’t consider ourselves racist in any way.

I want to invite you to reflect on my offerings and thoughts, not from a place of guilt and also with a willingness to be uncomfortable. We can forget, in the spiritual age of the law of attraction, that growth doesn’t always feel comfortable. But, for me at least, when I’m called to look at something on my path in the name of spiritual expansion and growth then my integrity tells me this is the right thing to do.

It feels right to feel uncomfortable. It’s alignment.

We cannot create systems based in peace and freedom until we understand and realise how our current systems are drenched in oppression and harm. Race is about culture. It goes beyond equality.

In the UK our anti oppressive movement was seriously derailed in the 90’s by the artificial construction of the term “politically correct” This term was created by a specific media corporation owner and served to undermine the deeper issues at play and left us with a more shallow approach to anti racism ie positive discrimination etc. And even, as one man said to me recently, the bizarre narrative that the white british male is the most discriminated against in the UK right now. For goodness sake!!

Because of how vast and deep this issue goes, I want to stick to two main areas that I think could be useful if you are wanting to become a white ally and also start to build better systems and structures within our global society.

If you want to be part of creating a Heaven on Earth.

FirstUnderstanding about White Fragility, privilege and internalised racism:

I understand this mainly through my experience of the MeToo campaign and my journey as a cisgendered woman/parent with a trans daughter.

As a cis woman I had no idea at all of the ways that our society is bias towards Cis people. There is a basic assumption in all of our western culture that each individual is Cisgendered.

Because of that, my trans daughter needs to stand up for herself just to have the right to exist. She is asked over and over again about being transgender, as though that is anyone elses business. She faces prejudice where I just don’t have to. I don’t have to prove I’m a woman and no one asks me how I know I’m a woman. (By the way, the way I know I’m a woman is because of my body parts at all, it’s just a knowing and that’s true for transwomen too) AND that gives me privilege in our society.

White people have privilege when it comes to race because our whole systems are set up with white people in mind.

This article from Layla F Saad was my first dive into internalised racism, my privaledge and the concept of white fragility. It’s a long read and was published just after Trump was voted in office. It’s still relevant. There are so many articles around White Fragility but this is my go to if you are just starting out


The second issue goes deep into the cultural systems of power.

Our western culture is built on racism and we can’t end racism until we dismantle the systems, including our cultural approaches (and some of this might surprise you)

Heres a new definition of WEIRD cultures


And these are the cultures that we are seeing starting to crumble. They have been the dominating cultures in our globe and are based upon Colonialism which is why Race is so closely tied to culture.

Here’s a really good video from Trevor Noah sharing the deeper issues at play from a centred place.


White Supremacy calls for perfectionism, earning your worth, prioritising productivity and GDP over mental health and well being etc. And we are all drenched in it. We didn’t choose it but we were born into it. And, if you are on this mailing list then you are mostly like trying to change how this shows up in your life.

Again, this might surprise you. When I first started looking into this last year, it took some time to wrap my head around. This article is brilliant:


That’s what creating new systems is all about. We can’t create something new until we fully see that what we have cannot possibly work.

And I believe this is what we need to make conscious before we even can begin to know what to change.

And then we hold the paradox of the absolute horror or what is and the hope of what can be.

Love has space for No in order to make way for a greater Yes.

I want my yes to be inclusive and diverse and I want to learn how.

In love, always

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