Today The A’s asked me to verbally channel them and it turned out to be a powerful and playful invitation from them, to you.

I’ll be honest. I recorded it and it recorded really badly. The sound quality was not good enough. urgh! So, I’ve transcribed it and fingers crossed it’s conveyed the essence of what came through in the recording. I always think that The A’s are much better expressed verbally as they are so personable and playful.

But they wanted to state who they here to support and how. I’ve known this about them, but I’m not sure I’ve expressed it so distinctly from them before.

They start of at the level of vision, then break it down into specific areas of focus for our daily lives, then tunnel even deeper into our very core assumptions about the world.

I’ll let them talk now, but one more thing. It did feel appropriate to open up some sessions after they came through with this and so I’ve included details below of how you can organise a conversation with them



“Greetings. It is a pleasure to be here. We are known to the channel as a collective, The Ancients. We are simply a voice for the original intention of physical reality – a word, or an expression of the Divine Blueprint for Earth and its inhabitants.

We wish to speak to our interpretation of the love that we experience from God, Goddess, All That Is, and how you fit and your world fits, into the Divine unfolding of physical form.

It is our intention to offer you words of guidance, of theory, of our understanding, of what is possible for the whole of humanity and each individual themselves for this lifetime and for many other lifetimes, but we are predominantly focused on your current time and space.

We are predominantly interested in supporting those that wish to create a different state of culture, of harmony, of peace and longevity within your physical world, for both the good of the individual and for the collective.

We wish to remind you of truths that you have simply forgotten. We cannot teach you anything new other than to remind you of that which you already know, in order that you may then go on to create and experience something refreshingly new to collective.

And so for you to know, if we, as a collective in particular are in resonance with yourself, then perhaps the words we speak next will help you decide.

We are indeed interested in helping your humanity shift into a collective understanding of unity and awareness of the Divinity within each.

So that you can go on to co-create a sacred space in your physical reality.

So what does that mean on a day-to-day basis?

You know, because that sounds very high, very theory based, and it is a vision. But on a practical basis, what would you own personal world look like?

  • It would mean that you love your work, that your work is your creativity in motion. Perhaps it is your life’s work and work that you are paid handsomely for so that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience of physical reality

  • You’re relationships expand you. They allow you to go into the totality of who you are in the most easefilled, playful, delightful way.

  • Health, which has longevity. Where your physical body feels alive, filled with vitality that allows you to express its fullness, in all of its delight!

  • And we wish to support you in your success. To help you understand what you’re calling your failures, to move through times of stress and disease with more grace and understanding.

  • A deeper connection to your soul.

  • An easier to expression of your heart and an activating of your healthy will. To understand your sensitivities, and perhaps your psychic and unspoken talents and skills.

  • To help you navigate through all the potential thought-forms that are available in physical reality.

  • And finally, to do this all from a state of curiosity, of playfulness, of wonder. Where you recognize that, awe is the first language of Source. And when Source energy looks at you individually, at you and knows your name, it is Awed!

We wish to teach you a cosmology where you know that you are safe, you are loved, you are worthy.

A cosmology where deservability is beyond question.

But we are predominantly here to connect with those of you who wish to see structural change in your world, a better planet for all, including yourselves and those that you love.

And particularly it will be for those of you who have work, your life’s work that is desiring birthing into the world

Maybe your work is already birthed in the world and it’s reaching toddler age or adolescents or coming into its own, or is it the point of great legacy!

And you wish to know that you are staying aligned with your true self. That your soul and your work is still helping you be true to yourself.

Those of you who are curious about co-creating a Heaven on Earth right here, right now, this world, this planet, this earth.

That’s who we wish to touch. That’s who we wish to converse with.

It is our loving intention, that when we exchange our energy with you through this channel, and then whatever of our energy you will allow in, that exchange will transform you into a deeper state of self-love and appreciation, self-expression and enjoyment in the world. And as we wish to touch you, you will also touch us and we will know you and that is precious to us.

That you allow us to know you, to be intimate with you. To share your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your visions, your humanity.

to take risks, leaps of faith.

In order to make a difference, to have impact,

in order to have the fullest richest life possible in all its forms. And there is no edge to that, there’s no boundary. There is simply expansion.

And we love you. And do we see the divine spark within you. We know only your goodness.

We see only your blessing.

We are awed by you. We are in wonder of you. And when we see you hiding behind your fears and your doubts, the whispers of insecurity, the wanderings of your mind as you consider the vastness of the visions that are coming your way.

And you question yourself.

When we see you, then we will call you out of your hiding. We will never join you there because that is not the truth of who you are. It is the story of who you think you are. We are unshakeable from our truth of what we see – sparks of source energy. Sparks of divinity.

Play. Don’t forget to play.

This Earth, is a playground of preferences.

We wish to have rich and wonderful conversations with you about your potential, what’s possible and what you will actually prove to yourself is real.

And so if any of that touches you, if you would like to dance in a conversation with us, then we are here available in the channel.

We are here in the flowers. We speak to you in the trees, smiling through the rainbows, peeping through the clouds, whispering to you in your heart, evoking you with your vision.

Oh, you are not alone. We are but one of many voices of the non-physical that are constantly whispering to you “come play. You can have it all, come play.”

And so we are here all the ways. Eternally, constantly. Vibrationally everywhere, always and allwhere.

And for now. in love and peace, we bid you farewell.”

The Ancients, channeled by Cara Wilde

Oh, I do love them.

Okay, so I closed down single sessions a while back, but gave myself permission to open them up again when I wanted to, and after channeling this message I’ve decided now is a good time to open them.

So, if The A’s have touched you, whether you are an old friend or a new one, I’ve created a very simple booking form here.

I have space for 10 sessions and I’ll be closing the single sessions on 17th Dec (plus I haven’t raised my prices in over 5 years and I will definately be raising them all in the New Year. For transparency sake, any possible singles will be moving from £150 to £222).

Talking with The A’s would be a good focus for your next vision and getting clear on any unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, blocks or unrealised desires and how to resolve them for your highest good.

If you enjoy a transformational experience without needing to know exactly what’s going to happen, then The A’s are DEFINITELY for you 😉

Book here and I’ll see you soon! (no sales page, goes straight to booking calendar for ease!)

In Love