Cara Wilde - What's this all about?

In 2010 I did a personal pagan ceremony to cast a circle of light in my back garden and my life changed.

I had a powerful and deeply personal intention. To create a channel of light and to discover how to anchor the blissful energies of Love that I felt from the non physical realm into our physical reality.

I wanted to know how to co-create with God/Goddess/All That is and experience a Heaven on Earth.

From that moment my life became an intense spiritual journey.

I started to feel a powerful calling that I couldn’t truly name. I could only feel it in energy form. I lived completely intuitively at that time in my life. I left a marriage that had transformed into friendship, changed my location with my children, lost 8 stone effortlessly, met my twin flame and began to verbally channel a non physical collective called Aurora.

I started giving verbal consultations with Aurora, and the demand grew so much that I built a business around the requests.

All this happened within 9 months of my casting of the circle.

I have channeled Aurora and other beings for the last 6 years. I have fully integrated Aurora’s teachings into my life, experienced deep and long lasting healing transformations and have come to realise a simple truth about the journey of creating a heaven on earth.

Cara Wilde on the rocks

It starts with you

It starts with you living a life that is truly meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling.

It goes beyond being happy.

But rather about feeling deeply connected to your own core and intrinsically belonging in the world.

The energy I felt calling me once I’d cast the circle was intoxicating.

I believe it was the calling of my Soul into another life. One I could have hardly dreamed for myself, though I did a thousand times through my fantasies, my desires over the years and my ambitions for myself.

What my Soul called me to lead was a deeply authentic life. One that was both a complete surprise and yet intimately known to me.

We are living at a time where our Soul’s are calling us to shed layers upon layers of cultural conditioning. To break many “rules” and to live by our own I(a)m pulse.

It’s certainly not always an easy calling, the “hard work” is undoing all the conditioning we have in our society about having to prove our worth via various means.

Cara Wilde bodyboarding at Sennen Cove

Your Soul’s Goals

In the 1000’s of channeled sessions I have given, each time people are taken through the same process of re-connecting with their Authenticity, aligning with their Soul’s goals and being encouraged to live life on their own terms.

As the channel, I can literally see the energy of people’s dreams, desires and hopes. I see each person through the eyes of unconditional love and how truly beautiful and unique we all are, yet also delicately and deeply connected through our collective yearning for meaning

Sometimes living with a foot in both worlds takes some navigating. Reading energy and being intuitively empathic is a different way of living in this world.

My work is sharing the channelings I receive and supporting others through the same journey I encountered, to follow the calling of their Soul.

No goal is too shallow, no goal is too large. A soul’s goal is deeply personal, utterly unique in its unfolding and calls us to live beyond what we once thought possible for ourselves.

Living a Soul-fuelled life calls us to unfurl our wings and leap

Cara Wilde sitting meditating by a river
Cara Wilde movie out-takes

You matter, you are significant. You count. Make this life count too.

My Official Biography

Cara Wilde is an intuitive, empath and channel who lives with her twin flame and awakened children leading a real and messy life.

  • Trained Counsellor – Congnitive Behavioural Therapy for Drugs and Alcohol
  • Support Worker – Domestic Violence Refuge (the kids were amazing to work with)
  • Adult Group Worker, Rehab worker in Alcohol Addictions Agency
  • Trainer and supervisor of new counsellors
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • EFT Advanced Practitoner
  • TAT Practitioner
  • Psych-K Facilitator
  • Reader of a zillion personal/spiritual develpment books and devourer of countless energy workshops. You know the quiz question: Party or Book? I’d take a book to a party!

I left all my counselling and more mainstream work behind me when I couldn’t use my psychic abilities or talk about guides and began to feel like I was working blind. Set up my own business (‘yes’ to authentic work) as an EFT and TAT practitioner, blended with my channeling and intuitive abilities. I felt like I’d got the team on board and saw dramatic changes in my clients.

Cara Wilde working at the Cafe at Sennen Cove

Personal Quirks

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I moved to the ocean where it’s easier to unfurl my wings.

Cartwheels are my preferred mode of transport.

Guides and out of body experiences sometimes wake me up in the night. My partner’s guides sometimes talk to him through me; we asked for a more acceptable time than 2am!

Some of my most intense spiritual experiences involved Bodmin Moor, at night, in the fog casting a circle.

Exhilarating moments – Bungee jumping, jet skiing, channeling at John of God, my children new born, channeling, watching Gary Craig, the founder of EFT live on stage, trail running the coast of Cornwall.

Moments of personal breakthroughs – healing of panic attacks, severe agoraphobia, anxiety, dropped from size 22 (just completed my first half marathon), stopped smoking,. Sometimes I think energy therapy and Spirit truly saved my life.

Although I love bold, I’m a gentle Soul and highly sensitive, alone time is nourishing, essential. A sofa, a coffee, a book and I’m plugged in, ready to recharge.

Cara Wilde talking to the Fae
We can allow our Souls to play in physical reality - Being a Lightworker doesn’t need to feel like a burden

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