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At the end of December I channeled the energies for the upcoming months. I don’t usually do this, because I believe I create my own reality. I stopped doing predictive future work about 20 years ago when I stopped offering Tarot readings as I saw the potential for creating dependency on the reader.

2020 changed my approach. I started to examine how our individual beliefs and mass events are connected.

The Ancients had already told me that in 2020 an Empaths psychic abilities turned up to a new level, that it wasn’t just hyper vigilance. Something had woken up in me last year, in many of us, and I wanted to see what the habituated responses of mass consciousness were likely to create and how I could stay connected to my own centre, truth and Soul’s focus this year.

For those of you that channel, you know that it’s not always about verbal speaking what we receive. The first section of the channeling came in a download lasted about 5 minutes, yet with information that took me a day of curiosity, unpacking and to and fro conversations with The Ancients in order to articulate what I’d experienced in the non physical realms.

I also asked The Ancients for guidance on how to stay centred and what the highest focus of 2021 could be. So, this week blog post is in two sections.

First a written piece of channeling which is more from my blended being state and the focus is:


  • The energetic and emotional theme for the first 5-6months of the year.
  • How that might affect you personally and the transformation available.
  • The global impact of those energies
  • Earth energies and the relationship to our collective light and dark shadow

The second is a direct verbal communication from The Ancients about the true focus of your year could be and what to focus on. (audio and transcribed)


Energy and Emotional Focus of 2021


These first 5 months of 2021 are going to be influenced by the energy of loss.

Now that we have the national lockdown in the UK and other parts of the world I can see that there is a focus in the loss of personal freedoms as well as the obvious devastating loss of people to Covid.

But the loss that most of us will experience is centred around a loss of identity. 


The journey into our true identity.


For many, there will be a loss of identity associated with external roles, maybe a loss or change of employment, a loss of relationship. For those that gain a level of their social approval and even self worth via their status in the world, particularly the western world, this may prove to be a more difficult transition and there may be an experience, even a dark night of the Soul.

I think many of us, however long we have been on a spiritual journey, experienced some flavour of a dark night of the soul last year. For many of you who are reading this, you’ve probably done much of the work to disconnect from gaining your self worth through a social approved identity and instead are more connected to the idea that you are inherently worthy. That you don’t need to earn your worth though “working hard.”


 Most of us have unresolved cycles of grief.

Most of us will be revisiting old unresolved cycles of grief, or what The Ancients call completing cycles of awareness.

Personally I’ve been revisiting past events through new “eyes.” Looking at past events through the eyes of increased self compassion have led to more clarity of the light lessons I was experiencing allowing me to release the events from my energy system. Sometimes this results is a discharge of the emotions of grief (sadness, anger and joy) as I reach a deep and satisfying acceptance that all was and is unfolding perfectly.

I’ve found, that the more I can simply name these emotions as sensations in my body, the more gracefully I can process and release them. Sometimes I get stuck in the story I’m telling myself and that’s fine too. Sometimes I have a deeper need to understand a perspective before I can surrender the memory to the transforming process of acceptance.

Each time I allow myself to process these small and big cycles of awareness, I become more able to lay my head in the lap of compassion ; compassion for myself, for the world and even for the beliefs that support harmful systems in our world.

And that takes me onto the next form of loss that I was sensing in mass consciousness. 

The loss of the loss of the soul of the world.

Not a typo, bare with me

The day we put negative ego in charge of our world, was the day that we started to create systems based on fearful beliefs and a fearful world view.

We’ve come to call those belief structures the systems of oppression, namely patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, racism, ableism, genderism and homophobia (to name a few).  

For years, I’ve been involved in conversations about the inevitability of those systems breaking down and what might replace them.

2020 called us to look so much more closely at this process and a fellow channel Jach Pursel (who channels Lazaris) put into words what I’d been failing to articulate for myself when
he said that he realised just how much he had romanticised this process.

2020 did show us the harsh reality that ensues when we resist letting go of systems and structures that grasp at power as though it was a finite resource, only to be granted to the privileged few.

I had been romanticising the reality of those systems breaking down and was shocked by the starkness of the actual experience.

We have grief to process, large and small. Globally and personally, from tangible losses to the more intangible. All need to be welcome and we need each other more than ever before.

A time of community

This came through very strongly. I know many people have been stating a stronger need for local community. Personally 2020 resulted in my forming stronger local in-person connections that I have had for a long time. The irony.

As I spend most of my time in online communities and communications, local connections were limited to those that sprang from the need to facilitate my daughters home education and son’s friendships.

2020 brought a desire to reconnect with older friendships, increase the frequency of current deep friendships and also forge new local community based friendships.

It was easier (mostly) to ask for help, connection and collaboration on a personal level and I see that potentially happening on a global level.

What came through very cleary was an increased need to forge communities based on shared values. I see this happening more in the spiritual community; trying to understand different perspectives, world views and personal experiences.

Circles of gatherings where the central hub of shared values serves as a conduit for deep and respectful listening to and learning from differences ghost also offering grace for the times we stumble in our ability to hear and to share.

Earth no longer holding our shadow

I hesitate to share this, largely because the details were scarce and so I’m not sure how helpful it will be to you.

However, when I decided to feel into the energies for this year I promised myself that if I shared it will a wider audience than my close friendships, I’d share all of it.

I had a strong sense of a significant natural disaster. I didn’t have a sense of a significant loss of lives, but I did sense a significant loss related to the Earth, a significant impact. I sensed little chaos in it, but something sudden and shocking.

What came threw really quickly is not to perceive this as a punishment for not “taking care” of the Earth,  but rather a result of Earth energies no longer being able to hold our collective global shadow. That we can no longer afford to sweep things under our global carpet and put them off to another day.

Attending to our dark and light shadows has a sense of real urgency now.

I don’t have the words to articulate all that I experienced. I haven’t got a theory to back up what I was experiencing. I do know that when I’ve worked with the energy grid of a stone circle, it has merged or rather shown me a connection between my personal energy grid and the energy grid of the Earth.

There’s some evidence of the link between our consciousness levels, our stress levels and our global climate. This is an area I want to dive into more deeply this year.

So for now, I offer this to you with a sense of curiosity as to whether it starts to harmonise with your own sense, intuitions and curiosities.

In summary

2021 seems to be a year of deepening collaboration and connection. Whether that be deeping your collaboration with your Soul, with others, with your purpose, with Earth, animals or plants.  For living more fully from an internal connected state rather than an externalised grasping at worthiness. 

A year for healing our addicted selves, those parts of us who take us of the path of our authentic centre. Be that drugs, sugar, Netflix, people pleasing etc etc. A year for more self compassion, empathy and for “getting our house in order” so that we can live more as our Radiant Self (as The A’s call it). Our healthy ego, our authentic personality and contribute to our world in a ways that serves both us as individuals as us as a collective.

There are some of us who are called to work collaboratively, those called to a solo path, those called to social justice and advocacy and those called to a more gentle and purposeful unfolding of creating joyful alternatives to our current systems.

If you are not sure of the next identity that’s calling you, or you’ve just experienced a personal loss that led to a loss of identity and looking for more support. You can access my free channeled process by Aurora Your New Identity here.

Whatever your path, make it your own. It can be easy, I think, to attempt to live up to an idealised spiritual self. I can certainly judge aspects of my personality as “not spiritual” whatever that might mean.

For the vast majority of you reading this, you’ve most likely explored a lot of your light and dark shadow and are looking for ways to help you stay centred on your truth, your own centre and to not get pulled of into the energy of mass consciousness.

I wanted to ask The Ancients about how I can stay more centred this year, to stay focused on self compassion, mercy, empathy and the path of my own integrity and life goals for this year.

The channel that follows is what flowed from that enquiry. 

Listen to the audio version here

by The Ancients Channeled by Cara Wilde



Greetings it is a pleasure to be here.

It is interesting to us that many human beings have forgotten what it means to be in connection with that own true nature.

More importantly, to trust in that own your true nature, to bring them the answers and the solutions that they require.

That so many of you have put your trust.
In the promise of external institutions, authorities and organisations.

So much so that your return to your true self feels like a dangerous journey
to trust in your own impulses. To honor your own feelings.

To take time for self-reflection and understanding can of feel like an abandonment of all your responsibilities, when actually it is the only responsibility that you have.

Or it can be your first responsibility. And when it is your first responsibility, then your life becomes more centered on yourself. And joy is a natural unfolding from that.

For there is bliss available in every moment, but first you’ll have to be able to, you have to learn to be able to see every moment, in it’s truth.

Now, some of you are still rooted and anchored in your past. And so that past is the lens through which you view your current situation and your present.

And it becomes a mask to what’s really available.

It shapes your perception of your now
to the extent where you are not truly present to your Now.

And from that perspective,
You’re creating your world and your reality.

Now, in actual fact, a person at any given moment is using various lenses through which to perceive their world.

So it’s, it’s almost – you could liken it to your psyche being a house and you see your world through various windows at various times. You may call it different parts being in charge.

And not only do you forget that you’re just looking out of a different window.

the window of your past self, the window of your fears, the window of your anger.

You’re looking through different windows. Not only do you forget that, but you forget that you can walk out to the house completely and build a new one.

And you certainly forget that you are that which you perceive also, that you are the world.

We would say that this year though, you’re 2021 is an opportunity for
rebirthing your true identity.

Putting that self as your true authority,
But you have a drive and a need for certainty, and you’ve been trained to look for that certainty outside of,self through various identities of which your society approves..

And so there’s the responsible one, the kind one, the happy one, the cheerful one, the authentic one….
so,the socially acceptable the seven dwarves almost yes?

And you try different ones on for different sizes. And for different occasions. but all of those identities are the ways of inhabiting constructs that you’ve created in your mind.

They are ways of inhabiting a particular world view a particular.

particular set of beliefs, of ideas, of what it means to succeed in your reality.

So you have a mental construct of what it means to be successful at work,for example.

And so you create an identity that represents this perception of success.

Sometimes it’s an idealised self that you try to live up to, but what’s most important is that you forget, but it is a mental construct of your own making that you then inhabit with your life force energy and create people around you and circumstances around you to confirm that perception, that mental construct.

So you literally breathe life into your beliefs.

And then create a reality that affirms that.
So when we say that 2021 is an opportunity to transcend your own limitations and learn to not just reconnect to your true self, but operate from, and live your life from, your true self then it maksense that for many of you, there will be cycles of grief to complete .

There will be the death of certain identities, perhaps through job losses, relationships transforming or the desire for something new.

Whether it’s an internal shift or an external shift, there will be a process of grief and it’s a loss of a particular mental construct that is very tangible and so it seems very real and it’s important to allow the grief.

Because a part of your life force energy has been spent in time and space creating it. So all the nothing is ever los the grief is a way of honoring that process.

There’s also a process of re-gathering self available at the moment .

So there’s parts of your life force energy that are focused on unresolved issues from – you call it your past, we just call it
circumstances outside of your true self.
So.the majority of what you’re aware of is from your past, but some are also from your future,
but aspects of your life force energy that are still attempting to resolve circumstances that did not feel complete to you at the time.

Unfinished unprocessed.

All of the learnings, not yet integrated and because your past experiences and your future ones to a certain extent, but to begin, let’s just focus on your past experiences, help you to… can inform your current expectations. It can be useful to complete those cycles of awareness.

And if you could truly remember who you really were in any given moment, you wouldn’t need to do any of this that we speak of, of reclaiming your power from your past or your future. But the fact that you’re not able to see yourself in the totality of who you are in every given moment, just means that some of your perception is trapped elsewhere.

Is to meditate into the beauty of who you are right now and to rejoice in the knowingness that you are Source energy in motion. That you are an aspect of the Divine that is having an adventure in consciousness. But it’s not always easy to do that. Yes?

If you could love, in every moment, whatever arises from within you, you automatically shift the perception, perceptions that were in charge in your life. When you judge yourself, you resist, whatever arises at times, much of the time.

You forget that you’re living in a projection sometimes.

And see an enemy or a reward outside of yourself. And so then you begin to have a relationship with that enemy or reward based on past experiences that have informed you up to now.

You get trapped in the illusion rather than playing at the illusion.

Because it seems so life threateningly serious to get it right.

Forms of entertainment that you’ve created for yourself in physical reality helps to keep your focus trained outside of yourself. Because it is tricky to just be with yourself, if you cannot love whatever arises.
Your world has made great effort to be very busy all of the time and externally focused. .
Encourage, that addicted self. That part that looks outside of themselves, that addicted self to become more curious about what it would be like to be addicted to the larger self.

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