Your Wilde Life


For visionaries who want to live a life well loved;

with a huge side order of Joy.




I’m Cara Wilde, my chosen profession seems to be embodied channel, mystic and energy therapist.

Everything I create is to support visonaries who want to live with Joy and creativity at the centre of their lives so that they can experience a life well loved.

This tends to mean that I help healers, artists, channels, coaches and therapists heal deep conditioning that keeps them stuck in a limited, negative ego, false self.

I seem to have a knack for reading energy, spotting limiting patterns and getting to the core of an issue.

For this place to feel like a welcome shore for you, you’ll need to share my basic assumption that we create our own reality (or at least be curious about that) and that spirituality, wealth and material success can weave together beautifully for both ourselves and the world.


Cara Wilde in green sweatshirt with grass, standing stone and cloudy sky in the background.


for channeled messages, personal stories and inspiration all focused on self love, joy and reality creation.

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