The Sensitive Revolutionary

You’re a healer, coach or therapist and deeply sensitive. 

 You enjoy your work but perhaps it feels fragmented, scattered or like you are missing something that would bring clarity and cohesion to what you do.

Some days you tell yourself that if you could just find out what your purpose is, what your soul really wants for you, then you would experience the satisfaction and joy you’re yearning for.

Or do you wonder if you’ll ever find your true purpose, something that feels truly meaningful to you, that can really impact the world?

And that could make you feel like a fraud. Some days your internal critic is rampant and asks why, when you have all those skills and that connection with spirit and the non physical you still can’t figure out how to live with purpose and joy?

And that just hurts. You’re already feel sensitive enough. This just adds to the sometimes overwhelming feeling that you are just too sensitive for this world. And because you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might start to affect your confidence as a professional and make you feel like you want to shut down and emotionally withdraw from other people.

After two decades of helping people live more authentically in the world, I know that each person has a unique purpose waiting to be revealed.

I also know that your sensitivity is not a weakness, but a crucial part of the divine blueprint for a beautiful future reality.

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