Soul Inc - Live as Your Soul Intends
Soul Inc - Live as Your Soul Intends

You’re a channel of the light co-creating a heaven on earth

And your journey is different

Hey Gorgeous,


I’m Cara Wilde, a channel for the non-physical collective, The Ancients. I help channels “dial home” regularly and fully embody their Souls in physical reality.

As a channel and mentor, I provide you with elite insights so that you can live life on your own terms and imprint your unique vibration in physical reality.

After 7 years of being a channel, I know what’s different about your journey. You aren’t designed to fit into a system of reality that is broken, you’re here to create a new way.


Your uniqueness is part of the divine intelligent blueprint and we need you to be a leader for the light.


I passionately believe that those of us who are called to work with the non-physical, to live with a foot in both worlds, are here to create a new way on our world.


And I believe that our journey is different.


We are born with our top three chakras open. Integrity, kindness and compassion is a given for us but in this world, this physical reality, it can be difficult for us to feel like we have truly “landed”


We live from the “heart chakra up” and struggle to fully embody our Souls into physical reality. Traversing other dimensions can be easy for us but we need to be fully present and grounded in physical reality too.


Heaven can be here and not just “up there”.


We are birthed to imprint our unique vibration into physical reality but society conditions us to conform. We are most likely told we are too sensitive, too emotional, too naive or too something. Then, we start to believe it.

It’s time for you to live your life as your true self in physical reality, to belong on your terms.

Your life is an expression of your Soul to Self relationship. What I mean by that is your healthy ego, your personality, is a portal for your Soul into physical reality.

When we live out of alignment with our Soul our life can seem as though it belongs to someone else. We tend to struggle with boundaries, relationships, self belief and more.

It’s time for you to live your life as your true self in physical reality, to belong on your terms.

You don’t need another self help book, you need to release yourself from conditioning and let your Soul shine in this lifetime.

There are many ways that I can support you, if you are new here then you get to know me and my work more on the start here page and please get in touch to start our nourishing conversation.


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