Learn how to channel your guide and live your Soul's goals for this lifetime

Learn How to Channel Your Guide

I’m gathering a tribe of channels. Join us in the cosmic playground.

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Meet Cara

I’m Cara Wilde. I see physical reality and non physical reality as the same adventure in consciousness. I love to play in different dimensions and walk with a foot in both worlds.

My work as a counselor in the addictions field taught me the importance of integrating the energy system into talk therapy. My teaching of Reiki and teaching in spiritual groups taught me the importance of practical and actionable guidance in order to thrive in this lifetime. 

Becoming a Soul Quester is your call to an exhilarating journey. Where you can learn to channel your very own guide, live authentically and achieve your Soul’s goals for this lifetime. You In?

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Cara Wilde, channel for Aurora

Why your uniqueness is part of the global solution

Learn a powerful belief about how you fit into the divine plan, and how to cultivate your courage when fear of vunerability and being rejected stops you from sharing your uniqueness with the world.


How to recognise a Soul’s Goal

Learn how to recognise a Soul’s goal, why its important to know the difference between a Soul’s goal and conditioned goal and what the journey of actualising that goal in physical reality will ask of you.


Can guides predict our future?

A question I’m often asked by both clients and students. As you’ll see, the answer is predictably guide-like! Discover what it’s like to see futures in the channeled state and how to read the energy you see. Plus how to get the most out of your channeled session as either the channel or recipient

Become a SoulQuester and have your very own Adventures in Consciousness

Become a SoulQuester and have your very own Adventures in Consciousness

Introducing Aurora

Aurora is a collective of non physical beings I spontaneously connected with in 2012. They asked me to share their teachings through channeling and wanted to support me in creating my own slice of Heaven on Earth. They are my personal guides and I try to integrate their teachings in my own life and share their message in my professional life too.

Watch this video to discover why they are here and how they can support you to live your most significant life!


Working with Cara and Aurora

There are various ways you can work with Cara and the Aurora collective.

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from the BLOG

Aurora’s free audio ~ Accessing Your True Power

Hey Quester On the blog today is a free walking meditation from Aurora. They gave me this one when I was wondering about accessing my true power as a conscious creator. In channeled sessions at the moment, the focus is hugely on reminding people that they are the...

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The phrase you’ll never hear from me or Aurora

Hey Questers,   This is an impromptu video blog today. It's on a topic that I'm passionate about but have not shared my views publicly until now. I have many peers and colleagues who use this phrase with loving intentions and who do good work. So I want to be...

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